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An interview with a member of an Air Force rescue team that was shot down over Afghanistan has made its way onto the web. Apparently the Air Force has confirmed its authenticity.
A sample:

For the next thirteen hours, there were sporadic firefights from about 300 meters away. All of the close fighting was done because we had neutralized all close enemies. The mountaintop had three different peaks. We held the two highest ones. About 300 meters to our south, southeast was the third hilltop where the enemy was coming up. At one point Controller told me that the enemy was trying to reinforce with seventy guys. I was not clear if he was talking about seventy friendly or enemy. I then asked if the seventy guys coming up this way were not my friends. He said “Roger”. I said I wanted to make sure that was clear. I tried to keep that between the PL and myself because it would have destroyed the other guys’ morale. I think the PL let the team know so they could be ready. We never did see the seventy enemies.

Check out the rest. (via BOTW.)


January 28, 2003 — WASHINGTON – Saddam Hussein has ordered official death certificates sent to Iraqi scientists’ families as a chilling warning against aiding U.N. inspectors, The Post has learned.
Word of the death certificates containing prominent scientists’ names has reached Iraqi exile groups.
“The message is, they will die a terrible death if they cooperate – and the death will be legally listed as an accident or result of an illness,” said one exile.
Iraqi scientists have refused to speak to U.N. weapons inspectors without government minders present.

From the NY Post via BOTW.


What if Germany had been ordered to disarm in the years prior to WWII? What if Hitler had ignored the world community at every turn?
Wait a minute, both of those happened, so let’s move on to #3.
What if the world had risen up and put Hitler in his place before he had a chance to wreak havoc across Europe?
Hitler hadn’t done anything to us at that point. Simply not followed the will of the international community. Would the world not have undeniably been a better place?
The question is not what has Saddam done to us, it is what WILL Saddam do to us. We owe it to humanity to learn from the mistakes of the 20th century and put an end to the Iraqi threat. Hitler could have been turned back by a resolute international community at numerous points but wasn’t. Of course Saddam may not be the next incarnation of Nazi Germany, but can we afford to take the chance?


There’s no one on this Hill or in this country who likes tax cuts more than I do. I’ve never seen one too big for me to swallow without water. I’d even be willing to pass both the president’s plan and the Democrats’ plan–as long as we were willing to cut federal spending at the same time. I just firmly believe that government takes too much from our taxpayers–big and little alike.

When it comes to out-of-control federal spending, you don’t find many members of Congress who have made it a high priority. In the Senate, there’s John McCain and the pork projects he ridicules; there’s George Voinovich, Russ Feingold, Judd Gregg; there’s Larry Craig with his balanced-budget amendment. That’s not even enough for a baseball team. And yes, I’m guilty of not supporting them as I should have.
It’s been said the Democrats blame the deficit on Republican tax cuts and the Republicans blame the deficits on the Democrats’ social programs. And as long as they can blame each other, they will never solve the problem.

From OpinionJournal.


It’s not about whether the inspectors find anything, it’s about whether Iraq is cooperating.


He’s at his best when he’s mocking the French.


According to the United Nations, one man approached the hotel’s security gate with a metal instrument before Iraqi guards wrestled him to the ground. He was found to have three knives, the United Nations said.
About 40 minutes later, another Iraqi man stopped a U.N. vehicle outside the headquarters, pleading “Save me! Save me!” in Arabic, according to the United Nations.
The man, apparently unarmed, forced his way into the driver’s seat of the stopped vehicle. As an Iraqi guard struggled to pull him out, a U.N. inspector watched from the passenger seat.
Iraqi officials took both men into custody.

Does anybody out there actually believe these guys will still be alive when we finally get a chance to go in and liberate the country?


From The Sun:

Today, in just five years as Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder has stained the German flag, sabotaged German integrity and pulled the plug on the German economy.
He is the joke of European politics, a vain man clinging to power at any price. That price is paid at home by 4million jobless Germans.
It is also paid abroad as Germany

Oooh, the Germans are mad at us. I’m so scared! Oooh, the Germans!

Rummy’s ticked off the French and Germans.

“I find this comment on ‘old Europe’ deeply irritating. Old Europe is resilient and capable of bouncing back,” French Finance Minister Francis Mer said.

Wait, so they’re upset with Rumsfeld’s “old Europe” comment, but they’re not denying the label “old europe”?

In an editorial, Bild reminded Rumsfeld of his German roots and the ideals of the French Revolution which inspired the United States’ constitution.

1: So they’re fighting the term “old Europe” with examples of several hundred year old history?
2: Date the French Revolution began:July, 1789.
Date the Constitution was signed: September 17, 1787.
I’m thinking they’re getting their inspirations backwards.

French media quoted French Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie as saying: “We are no longer in prehistoric times when whoever had the biggest club would try to knock the other guy out so he could steal his mammoth skin.”

True enough, but keep in mind that back then the French would have been the guys handing over their mammoth skins voluntarily and whimpering “Don’t hurt us!”.

“Does Washington want to risk a rift in the North Atlantic alliance over Iraq, which could lead to a division of Europe into countries that follow ‘modern’ America and an ‘old’ and ‘problematic’ faction that no longer wants to?” the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung asked.

No, they want “old Europe” to get it’s act together and get their asses into the modern age.


A Seattle based group, the Council on Political Accountability, is .squatting on domains bearing the names of over 140 politicians, to protest the GOP’s supposedly racist ways. They’re linking the web sites to other sites such as the National Association for the Advancement of White People and a petition to legalize cannibalization.
Jim Petro, the Ohio Attorney General is fighting to get the domain names(which are up for auction on ebay) turned over to the politicians and is looking into pressing charges under the Anti-Cyber Squatting Protection Act.