From Yahoo: Russia ready to veto U.S.-British resolution on Iraq to protect `international stability’.
This bugs me. For ages the biggest complaint from the left and the international community regarding American foreign policy has been that the US cares only for stability and ignores the moral issues; that we prop up petty dictators just to keep things from changing. Now all of a sudden we’re willing to sacrifice stability to do the right thing and we’re still being seen as the bad guy.
Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.


The Christian Science Monitor carries an unsigned op-ed piece from a former Iraqi who is now a US citizen.

Will you also demonstrate and demand “peaceful” actions to cure the abysmal human rights violations of the Iraqi people under the rule of Saddam Hussein?
Or, will you simply forget about us Iraqis once you discredit George W. Bush?
Will you demand that the United Nations send human rights inspectors to Iraq? Or are you only interested in weapons of “mass destruction” inspections, not of “mass torture” practices?
Will you also insist that such human rights inspectors be given time to discover Hussein’s secret prisons and coercion as you do for the weapons inspectors? Or will you simply accept a “clean bill of health” if you can’t find the thousands of buried corpses?

Will you vigorously demand an international tribunal to indict Hussein’s regime for crimes against humanity? Or will you simply dismiss him as “another” dictator of a “sovereign” country?
Will you question why Hussein builds lavish palaces while his people are suffering? Or will you simply blame it all on UN sanctions and US “hegemony?”

Will you hear the cries of Iraqis executed in acid tanks in Baghdad? the Iraqi women raped in front of their husbands and fathers to extract confessions? Or of children tortured in front of their parents? Or of families billed for the bullets used to execute military “deserters” in front of their own homes?
No. I suspect that most of you will simply retire to your cappucino cafes to brainstorm the next hot topic to protest, and that you will simply forget about us Iraqis, once you succeed in discrediting President Bush.
Please, prove me wrong.


From Best of the Web:

“The time has come for us to end the sanctions against Iraq, because those sanctions punish the people of Iraq for having Saddam Hussein as their leader. These sanctions have been instrumental in causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children.”–Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D., Ohio), The Progressive, November 2002
“Saddam Hussein should be removed from power. . . . I think the way that you do it is continue to use sanctions which thwart his efforts to grow.”–presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, “Meet the Press,” Feb. 23, 2003