Tomorrow a man will be executed for brutally murdering a woman less than 2 miles from where a 5 year old me was living at the time.
Now I’m not all gung-ho about the death penalty, but I have no qualms with this case. I have serious concerns about it being applied when we can’t be 100% sure the suspect did it. In the cases where there is DNA evidence, clear eyewitness evidence, or a confession however I see absolutely no reason why brutal murderers should be kept alive longer than it takes for the legal system to be certain of their guilt.
David Brewer lured the wife of a friend to a motel, raped her (though he claims it was consenual), drove through six counties while she held a sign reading “Help Me Please” out of the trunk and then strangled her until her neck snapped and then stabbed her 15 times and slit her throat. He later confessed to his wife and to police. This ended a woman’s life and ruined the lives of those who loved her and I have no problem with him being executed tomorrow.
Were there any room for ambiguity however it would be a different story.

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