Here’s another fast-accelerating meme: the president led the American public to believe that the post-war reconstruction of Iraq would be easy, he never anticipated these problems, and can only blame himself for not lowering expectations. The one true aspect of this seems to me to be the gratuitous symbolism of the USS Lincoln landing and that hubristic banner: ‘Mission Accomplished.’ I think I’ve been proved right about the over-reach there. But rhetorically, it’s fair for the White House to point out that the president did indeed warn about the post-war.

He goes on to give quotes to illustrate it.
On the “Mission Accomplished” banner, personally I don’t see what the big honkin’ deal is. The crew wanted a banner saying their mission was accomplished. The White House provided the banner. So what? There mission was accomplished. They were on their way home. So now we need to attack Bush because he said the crew put it up when the truth is simply that the crew wanted it put up? There are plenty of things you can criticize Bush about, but about not being sure of the origins of one particular banner at one particular photo-op? I mean, come on…

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