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The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler fisks Senator Clinton’s Bush bashing from Iraq.

“We Have Bred Monsters”

On November 30, 2003, Dr. Muhammad Talal Al-Rasheed, columnist for the English language daily The Saudi Gazette, wrote an article titled “Senseless Violence, Senseless Death.” The article is in reaction to the murder of Saudi Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rasheed of Hail by ‘Islamists’ in Algeria.

“We have bred monsters. We alone are responsible for it. I have written as much before my personal tragedy and will continue to do so for as long as it takes. We are the problem and not America or the penguins of the North Pole or those who live in caves in Afghanistan. We are it, and those who cannot see this are the ones to blame.
“Castrated as we are, we look to America. Why? Because they went into Iraq and made a difference. Better or worse is another point. Once America has demonstrated its willingness to do something, the moral imperative is that it should not stop at the first station along the road. The majority of us are sick and tired of this carnage and President Bush, wrong on just about everything else, is right on this one. Does he have the (courage) to finish the job? I wonder. ”

Damn Bengals!

Getting my hopes up. Next week’s showdown for 1st place in the AFC North will be the biggest game the Bengals have played in over a decade.

An interesting idea

I wouldn’t rule out it being a bad idea, but I certainly find it interesting nonetheless.

Worried that left-wing professors are using college classrooms to bully those who don’t toe the liberal line, a Colorado politician says it might be time to pass a law protecting students who hold more conservative or religious views.

Students have complained of being forced to attend abortion-rights rallies, of being required to write essays critical of the Bush administration and of having a strident anti-religion agenda pushed on them.
Some who protested have said they received poor grades or were asked to leave the class.
Santa Fe New Mexican

Something to warm the heart

Protestors took Jesse Jackson to task at a Rainbow Push rally in Chicago.

[S]ome of the speakers were quickly drowned out by boos, bullhorns, and verbal jabs from a group called VOTE, ex-offenders, community activists, church leaders, and Muslims, tired of what they call the rhetoric in the African-American community.
“We are tired of coming here to voice our opinion when we got African-American people sitting at the table and saying they represent our interests and playing this puppet game,” said one protester.

“What has he sacrificed for his beliefs? Us. We’ve been sacrificed. On the altar of his political ambition our people have been destroyed” Protesters turn on Jesse Jackson during rally
“This all happened under your watch, Jesse!” screamed one young man. “We can’t find jobs and you have done nothing! Go find a TV camera to talk into, Jesse!”
Chicago Tribune

Reading the editorial page

Reading the editorials in the Dayton Daily News and i’ve come across a couple things.
1. Once again someone is telling us that the partial-birth abortion law has no exceptions for the mother. This is just untrue.
2. In an editorial lambasting the Bush adminstration for not having a clue as to what to expect in Iraq they say this:
“Last week, the Bush campaign–tired of being lambasted there by the mob of Democratic candidates–started running its own television commercials. Those ads said that the Democrats were criticizing the president for taking on the terrorists.” — DDN
The problem is that the Bush campaign didn’t run this ad. It was a Republican National Committee ad. As is said at the end of the ad:
“The Republican National Committee paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.” — Herald Sun
The editorial pages are free to express whatever opinions they like, but it would be nice if they could at least get the facts straight.

Stupid criminal news

Teen given probation for setting a building on fire… “consumed marijuana” which is against the rules of his probation… has to go in for a drug test… fears he’ll fail… uses an adult relative’s urine instead…it’s discovered that he faked the drug test and he has to retake it… new test is positive for marijuana…
Now, how did they find out he faked the first test? (This isn’t in the linked article but was in the Columbus Dispatch)
The urine from his relative tested positive for cocaine.

Ahhh, the Democratic Underground, always good for some whacko comments

I imagine you have some idea how I feel on the issue of President Bush’s surprise Iraq visit. It’s really rather amazing that the President of the United States can show up 11 time zones and 7329 miles from where everybody thinks he is.
But what is the Democratic Underground’s reaction to the President

Orson Scott Card takes on lying…

…and Michael Moore… and Al Franken… and the 2000 Florida fracas… and the Dems arguments against President Bush in general.
Dang, I wish I could just copy and paste the whole thing. Stupid copyright laws… so before I get started with the quoting I’ll just get a preemptive “go read the whole thing right now” link in.

The Democratic Party, which made an obvious attempt to steal the 2000 presidential election by manipulating the vote count in selected solidly-Democratic voting districts, has spent the last three years accusing the Republicans of trying to steal the election in Florida — even though there has been no serious accusation of a deliberate attempt by Republicans to manipulate the outcome.
Likewise, it was the leftist, activist Florida state supreme court that attempted, by overturning settled law and making up new election rules after the fact, to massage the recount until the desired outcome was achieved. This activist court was prevented from throwing a presidential election through blatant disregard for law only by the intervention of the U.S. Supreme Court, which blocked the Florida Court’s manipulative actions. But those who almost got away with using the courts to steal a presidential election are incessant in their charge that it was the U.S. Supreme Court that stole the election.
This is like the burglar accusing the homeowner of theft for having snatched the sack into which the burglar had stuffed the homeowner’s valuables.
But this pattern of accusing others of one’s own crimes or attempted crimes is perfectly understandable.
After all, we never really know other people’s motives.
So when someone else does something we think is bad, it is natural for us to assume that they act out of motives just like our own.
So when someone like Michael Moore accuses his opponents of lying about or manipulating or misrepresenting the facts, he probably believes that they’re being dishonest, because he can only assume that they are acting no differently from himself.
War Watch by Orson Scott Card

And now the postemptive (it’s my blog and I’ll use whatever made-up words I like) “go read the whole thing right now” link. Seriously, there’s a lot of good stuff there and the above quote doesn’t do it justice, really.
Oh, and did I mention that you should go and read the whole thing right now? I did? Sorry, go about your business then.

Happy Turkey Day!

Or Ham Day, or Tofurky Day, or Turducken Day, or whatever it is that your eat.
Mmmmm, aluminum can shaped cranberry sauce…