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Bush appointee to Commission on International Religious Freedom blasts Bush

Unfortunately, because of shortsightedness and ignorance, the Islamic organizations helped Bush reach the White House. I met with many leaders of these organizations and I told them that I have known Bush well since he was governor of Texas, where I live, and I am familiar with his bad policy, which does not bode well.

That’s all well and good, I don’t really give a damn whether he supports or even likes President Bush. The problem is that an appointee to the Commission on International Religious Freedom is making statements like this…

In the field, Bush permitted missionaries into Iraq before medicines. He is the first president in the history of America whose policy includes supporting Christian missionaries and applying pressure through them on some countries. He links them with continued American aid to some countries.

It seems to me that someone on the Commission on International Religious Freedom should at the very least actually support religious freedom. Bush isn’t requiring that people actually convert to Christianity, simply that there be religious freedom enough that these missionaries can do their work. Shouldn’t an appointee to the Commission on International Religious Freedom support religious freedom everywhere, even in Muslim countries? Religious freedom isn’t a one-way street; it doesn’t simply mean that Muslims can practice their faith in Christian dominated countries, there needs to be rights for people of every religion in every country.

Stupid criminal

Police said Tuesday they are investigating a woman’s allegations that she was raped in the oceanfront home where MTV is filming the latest season of its “Real World” reality program.
The 22-year-old woman, who is not a cast member of the television show, said she believes she was assaulted while unconscious by a man who is also not a “Real World” cast or crew member.

Now, working on the assumption (which of course may not be correct) that it actually happenid… tell me, if you were thinking of committing a crime of any kind, wouldn’t you want to do it in a place that DIDN’T have dozens of cameras watching people’s every move?

Good news – Bad news

The good news: People want to come here at record levels. 1.4 million per year.
The bad news: 1/2 a million of those are illegal.

At least as a state we’re consistent

Cincinnati, Youngstown, and Cleveland the 17th, 18th, and 19th most dangerous cities respectively, with Dayton 7th and Columbus 6th in the 500k+ category.
Go Ohio!

A pretty good summation of the debates

Dean: Something somewhat sensible and aimed at labor and minorities.
Gephardt and Kerry (in unison): Dean is wrong and cut funding for babies and puppies in Vermont
Edwards: Can’t we all just get along?
Kucinich: Some wacky lefto spiel (go Kucinich!)
Liebermann: Why am I still here?
Sharpton: Clever rhetoric
Clark: I am for Iraq! I am against Iraq!
Braun: The man doesn’t want me to win! (of course not, bribes are bad).
Left of the Middle: Why do they bother with debates anymore?


I’ve heard it argued today that the great economic numbers for Q3 are simply fueled by rebates and that since the rebates won’t be there next quarter the economy will simply “drop like a rock”.
The rebates may have been at least largely responsible for the growth in Q3, but what is going to carry forward into Q4 and beyond are things like the 18.4% growth in equipment and software investments (a sign that businesses are spending, and thus eventually hiring) and the increase in consumer confidence. The real point of the rebates was to get people and businesses spending again, and everything seems to indicate that it has.
What I find really interesting is that the argument that Q3 was based solely on rebates is being made by the same type of person that was arguing against tax cuts because they simply wouldn’t help the economy since people would simply pay off debt or save their rebates.

PC run amok

Equipment vendors who do business with Los Angeles County received a message in November 2003 from the county’s Internal Services Department (ISD) informing them that “based on the cultural diversity and sensitivity of Los Angeles County,” labeling or describing equipment with the term ‘master/slave’ is no longer acceptable.


Economy’s upRepublicans give seniors prescription drugs… the only way I can think of for today to get worse for the Democrat candidates is if today they decided to internationalize the forces in Iraq.

Everyone’s linking to the Ann Coulter doll and whatnot…

Nobody seems to have mentioned that there’s a George Bush Naval Aviator “action figure”.

Allow me to direct your attention to…

this article. I’ve been playing since ’98 and it really has been fun.