Something to warm the heart

Protestors took Jesse Jackson to task at a Rainbow Push rally in Chicago.

[S]ome of the speakers were quickly drowned out by boos, bullhorns, and verbal jabs from a group called VOTE, ex-offenders, community activists, church leaders, and Muslims, tired of what they call the rhetoric in the African-American community.
“We are tired of coming here to voice our opinion when we got African-American people sitting at the table and saying they represent our interests and playing this puppet game,” said one protester.

“What has he sacrificed for his beliefs? Us. We’ve been sacrificed. On the altar of his political ambition our people have been destroyed” Protesters turn on Jesse Jackson during rally
“This all happened under your watch, Jesse!” screamed one young man. “We can’t find jobs and you have done nothing! Go find a TV camera to talk into, Jesse!”
Chicago Tribune

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