Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – 10,000 times worse than molesting a child…

So says Christopher Byron of the NY Post.

You can kill a cop, steal his gun, and then use it to shoot someone else. Or you can pick up a prostitute and have sex with her in the back of your stolen car, then beat her to death – or shoot her, bludgeon her, whatever you want.
In fact, “whatever you want” is what the game is all about. Thanks to its artful and complex programming and its incredibly realistic graphics, the game creates the impression of being inside a totally unscripted, live-action drama in which you can manufacture your mayhem as you go along.
People, this is insane. This is 10,000 times worse than the worst thing anybody thinks Michael Jackson ever did to a little boy – or than any lie the feds think Martha Stewart ever told them, or any line in any song that Bruce Springsteen ever sang that rankled a cop in the Meadowlands.
New York Post Online


  1. Not Todd says:

    Pretty much defines “hyperbole”, doesn’t it?

  2. Joe says:

    I don’t think that a game which depicts violence and hints at sex is quite as bad as analy raping 10,000 children.
    “Live action drama”. Has this f00l ever played the game? The graphics arn’t nearly that good. And in drama tv, isn’t it possible for slightly more sophisticated dialogue to occur?
    The violence in GTA is blatantly un-realistic. That’s the point of it, it’s a parody of real-life violence not a simulation of it.

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