Call me whatever you want, just don’t call me Saddam

Being named after the Iraqi president meant respect and power, but that was before the dictator was overthrown and pulled out of a spider hole.
Now the nation’s thousands of Saddams are queuing up to change their once illustrious moniker to something more in tune with the times.
More than 300 are in the process of changing their names, and each day several forlorn-looking Saddams visit Baghdad’s directorate of citizenship, where deed polls are granted. Many more are too scared to own up in public and have quietly adopted a new identity.
“It’s the most depressing thing in the world to be called Saddam Hussein,” said Saddam Hussein Karim as he completed the final paperwork for his name change.

Saddam Hadi said: “It is just plain embarrassing. Whenever I think of the name Saddam I see a dirty old man living in a hole.
“I’m sure that’s what people think when they say my name – that’s why I need a new one.”
Yassen Taher al-Yassery, the citizenship director, said: “I once knew someone called Zbaal. It means rubbish in Arabic. That’s what the name Saddam means to us now.”
Telegraph (via Tim Blair)

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