It’s been a good week for Blair

He won his vote yesterday and today the Hutton report basically clears Downing Street and criticizes the BBC, who’s Chairman stepped down today.

  • Editorial system at BBC was defective in allowing Mr Gilligan’s report to go to air without editors seeing a script
  • BBC management failed to make an examination of Mr Gilligan’s notes of the interview with Dr Kelly
  • There was a defect in the BBC’s management system relating to the way complaints were investigated
  • BBC governors failed to investigate Mr Gilligan’s actions properly
  • The Prime Minister’s desire to have as compelling a dossier as possible may have subconsciously influenced the JIC to make the language of the dossier stronger than they would otherwise have done
  • The JIC and its chairman, John Scarlett, were concerned to ensure that the contents of the dossier were consistent with the intelligence available to the JIC
  • The dossier could be said to be “sexed up” if this term is taken to mean it was drafted to make the case against Saddam as strong as intelligence permitted
  • But in the context of Mr Gilligan’s report, “sexed up” would be understood to mean the dossier was embellished with items of intelligence known or believed to be false or unreliable. This allegation is unfounded
  • BBC NEWS: Key points: The Hutton report

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