Bush a bigot? Part II

Brian Griffin has responded to my first post on the subject and now the ball’s back in my court. [He now has trackback, so now we can both know exactly when we have a problem with each other. :)]

Bush and his horde are against gay rights.
Cincy Blog



  1. Not Todd says:

    Love the “duck” analogy.

  2. The REAL Blog says:

    It’s about time somebody stood up to Brian and those who continue to label anyone who doesn’t agree with their position a “bigot”. By overusing the word it lessens it’s meaning.

  3. Crosstown Shootout

    Rob Bernard <Cunningham>a close personal friend of mine</Cunningham> is having a trackback debate with the Cincy Blog over Bush’s bigotry on the gay marriage issue. Rob is scoring points and Cincy Blog guy is calling all opposed to gay …

  4. to: The REAL Blog.
    Nate, glad to see you don’t only read my blog.

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