Some thoughts on “The Passion of the Christ”

“The Passion of the Christ” drew in $20 million $26.6 million on it’s first day. I find it somehow reassuring that in today’s modern world a biblical story with the biblical violence can still draw.
I won’t be seeing it until this afternoon so I can’t comment specifically about what’s in the film but these lines in a Yahoo! News story caught my attention.

In Salt Lake City, curiosity about the film among many Mormons was outweighed by church teachings that discourage viewing R-rated movies.
“I don’t think our Lord would want me to see an R-rated film about his son,” said 20-year-old Shawn Watts, a Mormon missionary.

I’m sorry, but Jesus and the Disciples LIVED an NC-17 version of the actual events. Sure, the movie is violent, that’s because the Crucifixion itself was violent. God saw fit to actually put Jesus and his Disciples through these events; I find it hard to imagine that God would find it sinful for people to watch it. Sure he preached a message of peace and love, but to pretend that his life and death was this Sunday School, well coifed, sanitized version of his life I think takes something away from the story. It’s taught that he died for our sins, but he didn’t just pass away peacefully in his sleep. Like thousands of people in Roman times he was beaten, whipped and tortured. He was attached to the cross with nails driven through his flesh and left to die. Of course this was violent. Of course this was bloody. But it’s what happened. It

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