Jersey Girl

Saw Jersey Girl on Friday and I have to say, it seems a bunch of reviewers are on crack. To be sure, it has a few problems; it’s rather formulaic at times, but it’s nowhere near the level where many critics put it. In a feeding frenzy of bashing they’re trying to put it up with Gigli for one of the two worst films ever. That’s just not the case.
It’s certainly not like anything Smith has made before. There’s a little bit of sexual dialog, but nowhere near the language and sexuality of his previous films. All in all it’s just a sweet little movie about man and his daughter. It won


  1. Matt Hurley says:

    I’d have to agree. I saw Jersey Girl last night myself and have to say I rather enjoyed it. It isn’t the usual Kevin Smith/View Askew fare, but there was enough there to keep those folks interested while at the same time showing that Kevin can make a delightful PG-13 movie (his first!)
    I’d recommend it…

  2. Not Todd says:

    More sappy than funny, imho.

  3. Matt Hurley says:

    That’s a good point.
    If I had to compare it to his other films, I’d have to say it was more like Chasing Amy than anything else. But even that comparison sucks. While Amy had a lot of drama, there was a lot more humor to go with it. Jersey Girl just didn’t have a whole lot to have fun with, I guess.
    Although for a PG-13 flick, it was pretty good. At least in my opinion.

  4. Not Todd says:

    I’ll say this, Ben Affleck does a great job portraying an a**hole.

  5. Matt Hurley says:

    That’s acting genius right there… : )

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