Let’s be clear here

This is not Opening Day. I do not recognize any game played prior to the first game played by the Cincinnati Reds as Opening Day.


  1. Matt Hurley says:

    I have always thought that Bud hated Cincinnati and all its baseball tradition and history. I think it is an outrage to the game that Opening Day is played anywhere else but Cincinnati…at least he could have had the Reds be a part of it.
    I agree with him that the game needed some change to draw in a new generation of fans, but you can’t change the history and traditions of the game because they are what makes baseball what it is…
    I don’t think playing Opening day in another country is helping the game anyway… Sure isn’t doing anything to garner fans in the US…

  2. Not Todd says:

    It’s a marketing scheme to sell more Official MLB merchandise in the Far East.

  3. Matt Hurley says:

    I ain’t impressed…

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