Orson Scott Card takes on male-bashing in a recent episode of E.R.

In fact, there are a lot of things wrong with our society today that might be solved if a few more people had recognized, before discarding men, how vital it is to have a good man as husband and father in every family.
But given the moral universe these E.R. writers live in, there was no course of action this male buffoon character could have chosen that would not have provided ample excuse for the audience to have a good laugh at the uselessness of men.
If your response to that statement is, “Well, men deserve it,” then you have my contempt — the contempt I feel toward all bigots who scorn people solely for the group they belong to, who perpetuate false stereotypes, and who delight in shaming people who can’t fight back.
And if your answer is that women suffered such abuse from “men” for a long time, so it’s only fair for them to lash out in return, then I must point out that this is an “excuse” that most child abusers could use, since they too were once victims, and they repay the victimization upon the innocent. “Someone did it to me once” is a defense of nothing. If an action is wrong when it’s done to you, then it’s still wrong when you do it to someone else.
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