Zell Miller wants to repeal the 17th Amendment

The story from WorldNetDaily.
I’m all for it. The 17th Amendment would the the one that ended the prectice of state legislatures appointing Senators and changed it to popular elections.
The Constitution was a balancing act to ensure that big states couldn’t dominate little states and to ensure that the federal government could never dominate the states. The 17th Amendment knocked that balance out of whack. The states no longer have any real power in Congress and have been relegated to beggers looking for highway funds and other bread crumbs. At some point the people started to believe this country is a Democracy and not a Republic and the rights of the individual states have been going downhill ever since.
Plus, can you imagine if Senators no longer needed to pander to the public for their votes and instead could just do the work of their state?
(On the opposite side of the spectrum in this argument would be the fools who believe that the Electoral College should be done away with. Never mind that there are very good reasons for keeping the EC. For example, to ensure that there won’t be nationwide chaos in the event of a tight Presidential vote and to ensure that the larger states don’t have too much influence in choosing the President. Can you imagine the chaos that would have happened in 2000 if they had had to recount every vote instead of just those in Florida?)

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  1. Matt Hurley says:

    I generally think this is a bad idea… Ohio generally is run by Democrats in Columbus. Even a good deal of the Republicans are Democrats…

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