*grumble* “Cops” out

My thoughts from yesterday.
The Enquirer article even tells us that Chief Streicher would have had final approval of anything that went on the air.
On Smitherman and Reece at least Keith Fangman’s making sense.

Fangman said Smitherman, Vice Mayor Alicia Reece and Councilman Pat DeWine objected because they knew the program would show police in a positive light – and therefore wouldn’t fit with their anti-police agendas.
“Any imbecile who has watched the Cops show knows that they go out of their way to portray police in a very positive light,” Fangman said. “These three remind us of some schoolyard crybabies who, if all the attention isn’t focused on them, throw a temper tantrum and ruin it for everyone.”

Smitherman and Reece are bad enough, but Streicher deserves a good deal of the blaim himself for caving so easily.
Again I think Pepper takes a sensible stance.

Councilman David Pepper said he’s concerned that canceling the show is sending the message that the city is embarrassed by its police officers. He has ridden on patrol with many officers and said he’s been impressed with their work.
“You see professionals doing a very hard job that not very many people want to do,” said Pepper, chairman of council’s Law and Public Safety Committee.

Said Smitherman:

“Sensationalizing a small part of what good police officers do on a daily basis is not helpful for our community-police relations,”

Well not unless you have a pro-police agenda. I could imagine how bad showing good cops doing good things would be for someone like Smitherman.

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