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Ted Rall finally manages a well thought-out and unobjectionable column and what does he do? He titles it in such a way as to compare people to Nazis. He was sooooo close….

Problems with “Cops”

Cincinnati City Council, and specifically Alicia Reece are upset with Police Chief Tom Streicher’s decision to allow the television show “Cops” to ride along with police and tape for the show.

Letting the program showcase Cincinnati’s crime problems while the city grapples with improving strained police-community relations — as well as try to attract more business and conventions in wake of a boycott by local civil rights groups — is counter-productive, Reece and others said.
“While we’re working on these issues internally, I don’t see the advantage of bringing ‘Cops’ in to see people getting shot, to see people getting arrested,” Reece said. “Is this the image we want for Cincinnati?”

“What in the world were we thinking bringing ‘Cops’ to Cincinnati when we’ve certainly had our share of negative press?” the vice mayor asked. “I am appalled. I am upset about it.”
The Cincinnati Post

Yes, the Cincinnati Police have had more than their share of bad press. Maybe it’s time to get some positive press. “Cops” isn’t a pro-criminal show. They don’t make their money exposing problems with police departments. They make their living following police around. I imagine they’ll sensationalize things a bit, the chases make for good TV, but if they start making bad stuff up about the people they follow around every day then they’re going to have trouble getting permission to follow police around in the future.
The only time the Cincinnati police get any publicity is when some criminal is accusing them of being racists. It’ll be nice having someone show what they go through every day. If they pull up to a Nathaniel Jones while the crews are here there’ll be somebody taping everything from start to finish. There’ll be no missing 90 seconds. No cries of “the police provoked him before they turned the cameras on!” Unless you actually think that the police ARE racists and routinely victimize blacks I’m not sure how you can say this would be a bad thing.
Councilman Christopher Smitherman:

“People are trying to work, we’re trying to have racial reconciliation and rebuild Cincinnati, and now we have the ‘Cops’ program coming to town and hog-tying African-American men on TV.”

I don’t know what to make of that. Firstly I doubt that the film crew will be personally doing much African-American man hog-tying. Secondly I doubt that the Police will be doing much African-American man hog-tying. Thirdly I think Smitherman is either confusing hand-cuffing a criminal in the process of restraining him with “hog-tying African-American men” or using provocative language to appease the black community and either way I find it rather sad.
David Pepper at least takes a sensible approach to having qualms about the issue.

“My hope is our police will look and be professional, like I know them to be, and impress the country,” said Council Member David Pepper. “There is an unnecessary risk here. We don’t control how they edit the footage. I’m confident about our officers, not the show.”

From their quotes I’m not seeing that same confidence in the officers from Council Members like Reece and Smitherman.

No tie between al Qaeda and Iraq before the war?

During the 1990s, Zarqawi trained under bin Laden in Afghanistan. After the fall of the Taliban, he fled to northwestern Iraq and worked with poisons for use in potential attacks, officials say.
During the summer of 2002, he underwent nasal surgery at a Baghdad hospital, officials say. They mistakenly originally thought, however, that Zarqawi had his leg amputated due to an injury.
In late 2002, officials say, Zarqawi began establishing sleeper cells in Baghdad and acquiring weapons from Iraqi intelligence officials.
ABC News (Hat tip Hobbs)

“al-Sadr is not one of us”

An example of Iraqis rejecting their enemy, they type of thing that must happen for the terror and violence in Iraq to end.

It was unclear which side was responsible for causing the minor damage to the Imam Ali mosque, but a high-ranking cleric accused Sadr

Please indulge me in a short bit of lyrics quoting…

Who needs sleep?

(well you’re never gonna get it)

Who needs sleep?

(tell me what’s that for)

Who needs sleep?

(be happy with what you’re getting

There’s a guy who’s been awake

since the Second World War)

“Who Needs Sleep?” – Barenaked Ladies

Wictory Wednesday

This is Wictory Wednesday. Please volunteer or donate to help the President win reelection.
You might also consider giving to Republican 527s, such as The Club for Growth, GOPAC, Progress for America, the College Republican National Committee and The Dems have a big lead in the 527 area thanks to the likes of George Soros so the Conservative 527s need all the help we can give them.
You can also sign up to get e-mail from the Bush-Cheney ’04 campaign.
If you are an Ohioan who supports the President please consider joining the Ohioans for Bush-Cheney Yahoo! Group.

Real Clear Politics on the CBS poll

Thanks to the fact that two other polls were conducted over the same time period and released on the same day, we can get a better idea of just how the CBS poll compares…
…the bias isn’t pro-Kerry, it’s anti-Bush. As we’ve mentioned before, CBS News/NY Times usually undersamples Republicans and oversamples Democrats and Independents, leading to weaker numbers all around for the President.

In every instance except one this year (and a very iffy one at that), CBS/NYT produced the worst job approval number of any of the three polls during a comparative time period.

CBS/NYT is spitting out job approval numbers that run, on average, about 4.25% lower than their competitors and a full 3% lower than the average of all 29 polls taken by the three groups this year.

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Welcome and all the usual stuff.

My one thought on the post-speech reaction

Cued up the Reds game on the DVR so I didn’t see too much of the post-speech spin. Anyway…
Senator Lieberman was on CNN… I think… He is probably the Democrat I respect the most. The easy, party-endorsed thing to do would have been for him to go on TV and spew forth the talking points of how President Bush has no plan in Iraq

President Bush’s speech

Full text is here. I liked it. (I’ll pause while you gasp…. done? Ok.) Was it perfect, no. He could have been more at ease. (Though for a serious speech like this I wouldn’t want him too at ease.) I kind of wonder whether the speech might not have achieved its purpose better had it been from the Oval Office and spoken straight to the camera rather to the audience. All things considered though he got his point across quite well.
The less important points. Sovereignty by 7/30, elections by the end of ’05. Sovereign leaders should be announced in the next week. Abu-Ghraib to be razed, with the new government’s permission. (Yeah, like they’re going to want to keep it around…) Won’t decrease troop levels. Willing to increase troop levels if needed.
The most important part of the speech though is the plan for extinguishing the opposition. This isn’t a fight that will be won by American generals sending American troops into Iraqi neighborhoods. This isn’t a fight that will be won by American generals sending Iraqi troops into Iraqi neighborhoods. This is a fight that will be won by Iraqi generals sending Iraqi troops into Iraqi neighborhoods. This is a fight that will be won by helping the Iraqi government secure the country.
This is not a situation to be quelled with more troops, it’s not to be avoided with less troops. It is a situation that will be solved by THEIR troops, and THEIR leaders, and THEIR people. We will help however we can, but it is imperative that Iraqi people know that they are fighting for themselves, not for the United States of America.

Iraqis will know that when they build a school or repair a bridge, they’re not working for the Coalition Provisional Authority, they are working for themselves. And when they patrol the streets of Baghdad, or engage radical militias, they will be fighting for their own country.

Working as allies, we will defend Iraq and defeat these enemies.
America will provide forces and support necessary for achieving these goals.

That is the important aspect of this speech. The defeat of the Baathists and terrorists in Iraq cannot be accomplished by an occupying force. It can be, must be, and will be accomplished by the Iraqi people themselves. We will supply them with everything we can to ensure they are able to defeat the enemy but in the end it will be the Iraqis’ own resolve that will secure their freedom from violence and tyranny.