Are we sure Edwards isn’t a prisoner blinking messages in morse code?

In a 34.5 second span during John Edwards’ speech I counted 52 blinks.
He complains about the negativity of President Bush’s campaign. Oddly enough I don’t see him calling off the Liberal 527 attack dogs, telling them to take the high road. The attacks coming from President Bush’s campaign, which are really only exposing Kerry’s voting record, are nothing compared to the negativity coming from the Left day in and day out. President Bush has been compared to Hitler, and Republicans compared to Nazis and he thinks it’s the Republicans who are going negative?


  1. Fed Up says:

    could you have ever considered he has a mild case of tourettes? or now we bash people with medical problems. I resent this statement as I have the same problem and am sick and tired of assholes like you assuming that our medical ailment is some form of deceit or nervousness.
    grow up

  2. Rob Bernard says:

    Hey, you find me the medical file that says the Democrats’ Vice Presidential candidate has been diagnosed with Tourettes and I’ll apologize. Until then he’s just a guy distractingly blinking a mile-a-minute while giving a speech.

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