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The myths of stem cell research

John Cole examines them.

Wow, everything really IS a conspiracy with the Kerrys

Ever since voters began telling Teresa Heinz Kerry that they didn’t think much of the pumpkin spice cookie recipe her office had submitted to Family Circle’s presidential cookie bake-off, an aide said, Mrs. Heinz Kerry, the wife of the about-to-be Democratic nominee, has been thinking how she could tell America the truth: the recipe isn’t hers.
In an interview on National Public Radio that was broadcast yesterday, the cookies came up in conversation and in the direct, unvarnished style that people have come to expect, Mrs. Heinz Kerry said: “Somebody at my office gave that recipe out and, in fact, I think somebody really made it on purpose to give a nasty recipe. I never made pumpkin cookies; I don’t like pumpkin spice cookies.”

Ms. Romash, who when she is not working in politics runs a baking-catering business, agrees with her boss. “If you tasted those cookies,” she said, “you’d think someone was trying to do you harm, too.”
Ms. Romash would not say why Mrs. Heinz Kerry would think an aide would want to harm her.

Following up again…

The Enquirer has a piece on the Raegan Butler “ho-bag” situation.

Wictory Wednesday

This is Wictory Wednesday. Please volunteer or donate to help the President win reelection.
President Bush needs your support now more than ever to help counter the lies, untruths, and misleading spin being put out by the Left.
You can also sign up to get e-mail from the Bush-Cheney ’04 campaign.
If you are an Ohioan who supports the President please consider joining the Ohioans for Bush-Cheney Yahoo! Group.

Heinz Kerry/Reagan

Oh, sorry, Heinz Kerry put me to sleep there for a minute. I’m amazed they were able to find a blazing red dress that managed to almost perfectly match the color of her face.
Did anybody else get a strong “Jurassic Park tour” vibe from Ron Reagan’s speach? In this scenario Ron would play the part of part of Mr. DNA, the happy-go-lucky double-helix strand of recombinant DNA that explains the process of cloning in a way that’s just a little too serious about providing edutainment.

Looks like Nasa is now part of the VRWC


Kerry’s campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill is actually accusing Nasa of


It’s kind of amusing watching Howard Dean talking about how they’re no longer going to shrink from standing up for what they believe in and how they’re proud to be Democrats in the middle of a convention that’s doing everything it can to distance the Democrats from what Kerry, Dean and their followers actually believe.


Bill Clinton seems to be under the delusion that when he left office he left “prosperity and peace”. To this day he doesn’t seem to recognize the threat of terrorism that he left us facing.
The overall theme I’m getting from his speech: “If I were still in office the recession we had would have been a depression because I’ve got about 1,000 different things I think are more important than the tax cuts that spurred the economy to the greatest growth in 20 years.”

Boortz on why Kerry is dangerous

He makes some very good points.

1. Kerry is soft on sovereignty. As Boston Herald columnist Cosmo Macero says: “Never has the dilution of U.S. Sovereignty been so boldly forecast.” This is a man who said that the United States should not deploy troops overseas without the “permission” of the United Nations. He made no exceptions. He stated it as a hard and fast rule. Do we want a president who seeks the permission of the United Nations before he can act in what he believes to be the best interests of the United States? Oh .. to be sure, Kerry wouldn’t dare make this statement today. He’s running for office! Tell me … just when do you think a person speaks his true mind? Hint: It’s not when he’s in the middle of the campaign. Remember … Kerry has instructed Democrats to hold back on their anti-war statements during the convention. He knows that many of the voters he wants to convince approve of the liberation of Iraq. He also knows that most of the voters don’t think the UN should have veto power over US military deployments. Believe him now at your peril.
2. Kerry is an appeaser. Kerry knows that many of the principal members of the European Union want to build the strength of that body on the declining weakness of America. The leaders of these countries are quite upset over George Bush’s show of strength in the Middle East. They knew the threat was there, but it was a threat they didn’t have the courage to face. The US did. The US is showing strength, Europe is showing weakness. Naturally this is going to breed bitterness toward our country. Kerry wants to address and moderate this bitterness by weakening America through a policy of appeasement.
3. Kerry is a tax-and-spend liberal. Just recently Microsoft announced that it was going to distribute $32 billion … that’s with a “B” … in Microsoft cash to shareholders via a dividend. Give The Poodle his way and the dividend, which has already been taxed by the Imperial Federal Government, will be taxed again when it reaches the shareholder. How nice. Kerry’s spending plans, if enacted, would essentially double the size of the federal government. Virtually every economist out there not working for the government credits Bush’s tax cuts with our economic turnaround. Raising taxes is a good way to stop our economy in its tracks.
4. Kerry sends a message of weakness. Islamic terrorists are emboldened when they believe their enemies to be weak. Disagree if you wish, but there’s a school of thought out there which believes that the election of John Kerry would send a signal to the wonderful world of Islamic terrorism that America is once again ripe for an attack. I attend that school. How many Americans will die when Kerry brings us the era of appeasement?
5. Kerry sends a message of government dependency. Whatever you need, the government is there to provide it for you. Kerry is pressing the concept of health care as a right. This means that the person in need of health care would have, under a Kerry regime, an enforceable right to a portion of the life of some health care provider somewhere. If health care is a right, what else? The right to a home? The right to a job?
I’ve said it before, but here we go again for the record. We’re in the middle of World War IV. Bin Laden has pledged to kill as many Americans as he can. He has even set a goal of four million. Will you be one of those? How about a member of your family? The Democrats are going to nominate a man who was opposed to removing Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. A man who voted for the Iraq war, and then voted to deny the funding our troops needed to pursue that action. The Democrats are nominating a man who believes that the United Nations should have veto power over American military moves. A man who would weaken the American economy through ratification of the Kyoto Treaty and the imposition of tax increases on the very people who are now powering our economic revival.
Neal Boortz


In which I Hobble/Fisk a Letter to the Editor from Sunday’s Dayton Daily News:

Administration flouts Constitution
This secretive, arrogant administration disregards the Constitution with its Bill of Rights and the checks and balances of our three separate and equal branches of government. It cordons off protesters, manipulates our fears and politicizes religion.
Does this administration understand the possible negative consequences of the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Department, with their ability to invade, silence, censor and destroy people’s freedoms, civil liberties and privacies? It must be afraid of the people’s right to free speech, press and peaceful assembly, and especially the separation of church and state, since it advances America as only a Christian nation under extreme McCarthyism.

And now for a bit of straight fisking.

Teaching creationism in public schools…

The Bush administration is forcing schools to teach creationism? No? They