Went to yesterday’s Pirates-Reds game in Pittsburgh. Boy, those Pittsburgh fans are an excitable bunch. You’d think they’d never seen a halfway decent play at shortstop before.
Primanti Brothers makes a very good sandwich.
This was my first time at PNC Park. It… how do I say this… has a more cohesive feel to it I think than GABP. There was a lot of local flavor, but tempered with non-local chains like Outback and Quaker Steak & Lube. The view in the outfield is definitely better, but it’s not really something that could’ve been replicated in GABP, doing so would’ve required the stadium to be in a different city and state. I prefer GABP’s scoreboard, PNC’s seemed awfully dark (And GABP’s ribbon scoreboards are a nice feature but it’s not a big plus considering they only devote ~10% of them to scores and the rest to ads.) PNC’s outfield away-game scoreboard though is head-and-shoulders above GABP’s. You can actually see what the situation is, not simply the inning, score, and pitcher. If you’re paying attention you can actually know that Boston just doubled in the runners from 2nd and 3rd with one out rather than just seeing that they tacked two more on the scoreboard. PNC seemed homier. Looking back I’m thinking a lot of it had to do with the blue color the stadium was painted. GABP’s white seems to make it a lot more sterile and I really wonder what the stadium would feel like if only it were repainted.

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  1. Scott says:

    Too bad all the Reds had to cheer about was Anderson Machado not knowing how to run the bases!

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