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Ridge stepping down

Not exactly the most exciting announcement. Nobody seemed to hate him, but nobody seemed to really like him either.

Joe Loeffler of Chevelle supports President Bush

And apparently you can’t drive a Hummer if you voted for Kerry.

What kind of car does a guy in Chevelle drive?

  • We have a lot of cars. I have a 2005 H2.
  • Are you serious?

  • I love it.

  • If you have a Hummer, you must have supported Bush.

  • Oh yeah.
  • Why?

  • I agree with everything he stands for. I voted for him four years ago. But this election was just plain obvious. The choice was to vote for a politician or vote in a President. Kerry had nothing. The polls of people who voted for Kerry found that they voted for him because he wasn’t Bush, which doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t see why people didn’t vote for Bush. I heard,
  • Ohio count update

    The current (still unofficial) tally listed on the Ohio Secretary of State’s site now has Bush’s lead over Kerry at 146,483, up from the previous 137,617, a gain of 8,866 votes for President Bush. There’s no indication on that page of how many counties have finished counting their provisional ballots or how many of them are included in that tally.

    Bearcats going to a Bowl

    UC will be playing on December 23rd in the PlainsCapital Fort Worth Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas.
    This will be UC’s 4th bowl appearance in the last 5 years and 8th overall.
    Guidugli will hopefully be recovered from his broken hand by then. It certainly can’t go worse than the Louisville game.

    Internal calender

    I don’t know about you, but the Thanksgiving holiday’s really thrown off my internal calender. Thursday felt like Saturday, then Friday felt like Sunday and then Saturday and Sunday both felt like Sundays or something… I think by this point in my head it’s like Tuesday 2 weeks from now. Anyone need lotto numbers while I’m here?

    Black Friday review

    Certain gifts have been glossed over to preserve the surprise of the recipient(s).
    Managed to get ~30 minutes of sleep, left the house at 5:45. I signed up for the Target wake up call. Darth Vader was supposed to call me at 5:15, instead a storm trooper called at 6:05. Got to Target at ~6:10 (They, and pretty much every other store, opened at 6.) I picked up the last copy of The Simpsons Season 4 they had and they were sold out of Buffy Season 7 and they didn’t have another gift we were looking for. It was busy, but to their credit there were no more than 2-3 people in any checkout lane.
    Next stop was Circuit City, got there at ~6:30. The Flash Drive I was looking for was sold out already. Checkout lanes were by no means the worst of the day, but the lines were still at least 20 people deep. Didn’t end up buying anything at Circuit City.
    Next stop was Best Buy. Wheww! Incredibly busy. There was a line just to get in the door 50 minutes after opening. It took ~5 minutes to get in the door. They were very well stocked; everything I wanted was still there. Picked up a 512MB Flash Drive, Aladdin for $10 and a Christmas present for a family member. The stocking level was good, but the checkout process was simply horrendous. The single file line ended at the registers, snaked through 7 aisles in Appliances, 3 aisles in small appliances, past the car audio and through 6 aisles back in the Audio department, and began in the aisle between Audio and the DVDs. It took my brother and I 2 hours to make it through the line. A woman collapsed 2 aisles behind us in the line in Appliances and had to be carried away on a stretcher by paramedics. Finally got out of Best Buy at 9:05.
    Next we headed to Staples, but they were out of what we wanted. They said however that we could order it online for the same price so we went to our Grandparents place nearby and tried that only to find that the web site was out of them too. Eventually we wound up ordering it online elsewhere.
    After picking up my grandfather from dropping off his car at the mechanic we headed over to another Target. This store had Buffy Season 7 and the gift that the first Target didn’t have so money was exchanged for goods and they left the store with us. My brother and I then helped set up my grandparents’ Christmas decorations, passed out from exhaustion for a short while and then headed out for Kroger and another store to pick up one last gift.
    Upon getting home we discovered that the gift from Best Buy that we thought came with a $20 rebate didn’t have a rebate form or receipt. My brother took it back where it was discovered that the display was mislabeled and there was no rebate. To Best Buy’s credit they price matched the incorrect price and credited my credit card.
    And now I come to the end of a VERY long day, as evidenced by the numerous spelling errors I


    Looks like I’ll be heading out to shop at the crack of dawn with 0 to 1 hours of sleep. When you’re on my sleep schedule and you need to be up at 6 it really makes more sense to just power through and nap when it’s over with.
    On my list today:
    Target has Simpsons Season 4 and Buffy Season 7 on DVD for $17.77.
    Circuit City has a 512MB Flash Drive for $29.99.
    Best Buy has Aladdin on DVD for $9.99.
    Barnes & Noble has a Starbucks which has coffee. Actual coffee, not he decaf stuff that seems to be all we have here.
    And a couple things for my parents which I can’t list here where it would be read. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Probably my one comment for the day, and it likely will upset some people:
    Cranberry sauce should be can shaped.

    Looks like the 3rd party candidates may not have enough for an Ohio recount after all

    Stranded on Blue Islands brings to light that the $10 per precint number being thrown around for the cost of an Ohio recount isn’t the full cost to those requesting it, it’s just the deposit. They would then be responsible for all costs incurred by the Boards of Election in doing the recount. Those costs are estimated at $1.5 million, much more than the $235,000 they currently have.

    Judge throws out Ohio recount request (plus some provisional ballot math)

    First some recount news:

    A federal judge denied a request by third-party presidential candidates who wanted to force a recount of Ohio ballots even before the official count was finished.
    Judge James G. Carr in Toledo ruled Tuesday that the candidates have a right under Ohio law to a recount, but said it can wait. The judge wrote that he saw no reason to interfere with the final stages of Ohio’s electoral process. Officials have said the results will be certified by December 6.
    The lawsuit by Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik had asked Carr to issue an order requiring Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell to immediately begin a statewide recount of November 2 voting results.
    The candidates received a combined 0.26 percent of the vote in unofficial results. But they contend a recount is necessary to ensure accuracy.

    And now a little provisional ballot math.
    Looking at the provisional ballots, 78%(61,536) of the 79,256 ballots counted so far have been found to be valid. There were 155,337 provisional ballots cast. If every remaining provisional ballot were found to be valid there would be 137,617 provisional ballots. Before the provisional ballots President Bush led in Ohio by 136,483. For the election to swing to Kerry (assuming again that all the remaining provisionals were valid) then Kerry would have to win the provisional vote 137,051 to 566 (99.59% to .41%). If less than 98.5% of the remaining provisional ballots are valid then Kerry could not possibly win.
    Now let’s look at the results from only one county. After the completion of Greene County’s provisional count, Kerry gained 1,181. President Bush gained 1,536 votes. Now remember, in the hypothetical every-remaining-ballot-is-valid scenario if Kerry is to win Bush could only pick up 566 of the provisional votes statewide.
    It’s been assumed for some time, but John Kerry officially can not win Ohio through the counting of the remaining provisional ballots.