Black Friday review

Certain gifts have been glossed over to preserve the surprise of the recipient(s).
Managed to get ~30 minutes of sleep, left the house at 5:45. I signed up for the Target wake up call. Darth Vader was supposed to call me at 5:15, instead a storm trooper called at 6:05. Got to Target at ~6:10 (They, and pretty much every other store, opened at 6.) I picked up the last copy of The Simpsons Season 4 they had and they were sold out of Buffy Season 7 and they didn’t have another gift we were looking for. It was busy, but to their credit there were no more than 2-3 people in any checkout lane.
Next stop was Circuit City, got there at ~6:30. The Flash Drive I was looking for was sold out already. Checkout lanes were by no means the worst of the day, but the lines were still at least 20 people deep. Didn’t end up buying anything at Circuit City.
Next stop was Best Buy. Wheww! Incredibly busy. There was a line just to get in the door 50 minutes after opening. It took ~5 minutes to get in the door. They were very well stocked; everything I wanted was still there. Picked up a 512MB Flash Drive, Aladdin for $10 and a Christmas present for a family member. The stocking level was good, but the checkout process was simply horrendous. The single file line ended at the registers, snaked through 7 aisles in Appliances, 3 aisles in small appliances, past the car audio and through 6 aisles back in the Audio department, and began in the aisle between Audio and the DVDs. It took my brother and I 2 hours to make it through the line. A woman collapsed 2 aisles behind us in the line in Appliances and had to be carried away on a stretcher by paramedics. Finally got out of Best Buy at 9:05.
Next we headed to Staples, but they were out of what we wanted. They said however that we could order it online for the same price so we went to our Grandparents place nearby and tried that only to find that the web site was out of them too. Eventually we wound up ordering it online elsewhere.
After picking up my grandfather from dropping off his car at the mechanic we headed over to another Target. This store had Buffy Season 7 and the gift that the first Target didn’t have so money was exchanged for goods and they left the store with us. My brother and I then helped set up my grandparents’ Christmas decorations, passed out from exhaustion for a short while and then headed out for Kroger and another store to pick up one last gift.
Upon getting home we discovered that the gift from Best Buy that we thought came with a $20 rebate didn’t have a rebate form or receipt. My brother took it back where it was discovered that the display was mislabeled and there was no rebate. To Best Buy’s credit they price matched the incorrect price and credited my credit card.
And now I come to the end of a VERY long day, as evidenced by the numerous spelling errors I

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