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Cincinnati 32, Marshall 14

They started out a little slow, there were some stupid mistakes early on, but once Gino started getting under center they really poured it on. It wasn’t the greatest of seasons, but things are looking up as they move into the Big East next year.

Snowblogging 2

The snow switched to sleet late, keeping the height down but greatly increasing the weight. 13″ total. This storm dropped more snow on the Dayton area than any other storm on record. A level 2 snow emergency here at home, and a level 3 where I was supposed to be working today kept me at home today.


I’ll call the snowfall so far at 10″ and still coming down hard. Shoveled the drive at 5″-6″ and it’s back up to 5″.
A day like this can really teach you a lot about your weather professionals. I’ve been very impressed by WXIX’s Rich Apuzzo. He’s been on top of this storm from day one, with the most accurate numbers. You have to respect a weatherman who has as much fun forcasting the weather as he does. This morning WDTN’s Carl Nichols was still calling for 6″-10″ total. (We had the 6″ by 3PM.) WHIO’s 11 o’clock news tonight was just an embarrassment; it was all scare stories about old people dying shoveling their driveways and how alcohol doesn’t help the cold. WRGT and WKEF’s newscasts are always an embarrassment.
It’s really kind of sad that Dayton residents have to watch a Cincinnati station to get anything approaching a decent weather newscast.


Done with my Christmas shopping. Still have what might euphamistically and very generously be called a massive amount of assembly to do, but the shopping’s done. Bring on the 16″ of snow!

Reds’ dealings: Part 2

Boy, for the longest time there was nothing and then all of a sudden… WHOOSH! The Reds picked up Kent Mercker yesterday, agreed to a one-year contract with D’angelo Jimenez today, and also today signed free agent Joe Randa, formerly of the Royals, to play third. The addition of Randa means Kearns won’t need to switch to third, once again leaving 4 outfielders to fill 3 slots.
And believe it or not, they actually seem to be adding payroll.
It would be awfully hard to argue that these moves haven’t made the Reds a better team. The rotation should be better with Ortiz, the pen almost HAS to be better with Weber, Weathers and Mercker, we actually have an honest-to-God third baseman and they’ve stood pat at C, 1B, 2B and in the outfield.
The only real questions remaining would be:
1)Who wins out at short, Machado or Lopez?
2)Who fills out the rotation?
3) How does the outfield surplus work itself out?

New Potter book gets a July 16th release date

The sixth Harry Potter book will hit the shops on 16 July next year, it has been announced.

Author JK Rowling revealed on Tuesday she had completed the novel after originally saying she would announce details on Christmas Day.

In a statement, Nigel Newton, chief executive of Bloomsbury in the UK and Barbara Marcus, president of Scholastic Children’s Books in the US, said: “JK Rowling has written a brilliant story that will dazzle her fans in a marvellous book that takes the series to yet greater heights.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince delivers all the excitement and wonder of her bestselling Harry Potter novels.”
The fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, was published in June 2003.
The series has been a publishing phenomenon, with five million copies of the last book sold in the first 24 hours of publication.
Fans had to wait three years between publication of the fourth and fifth books.

I’ve heard it will be shorter than Order of the Phoenix, but I haven’t actually seen any confirmation of that. (In theory coming in under 870 pages shouldn’t be too hard.)

Seems like a neat idea

Beginning Jan. 2, consumers will be able to buy a 10-ounce container of Wolfgang Puck gourmet latte at the store and heat it just by pressing a button on the can.
No electricity. No batteries. No appliances.
“It will expand the way people drink coffee,” says Puck, the celebrity chef.
How does the can do it? A single step mixes calcium oxide and water. It heats the coffee to 145 degrees in six minutes — and stays hot for 30 minutes.

The self-heating coffee-in-a-can will retail for about $2.25 — less than a Starbucks latte.
Chicago Sun-Times (Hat tip Boortz)

” They have met the enemy, but don’t recognize that he is their imagination”

The Morning Journal on the interminable accusations of fraud here in Ohio:

They have met the enemy, but don’t recognize that he is their imagination.
Our wish is that they’d take their voting conspiracy hallucinations underground. Abandon us, please, so we can get on with life.
Bush won. Kerry lost.
Lorain County recounted. Other counties recounted, and others are recounting, and nothing has changed.
Nothing changed, because nothing was wrong. (Except for those who now fear the recount itself is rigged. For them, please go to deepest mineshaft and await the impending end of democratic civilization as you fear it.)

Those, like Jesse Jackson and Rep. John “call in the FBI” Conyers (D-Michigan), who encourage unfounded conspiracy-itis for their own self-aggrandizement are contemptible. And those Democrats and demagogues who refuse to recognize reality, no matter how you count it, do America a disservice by wasting our tax money cutting away at the fabric of an election system that works fine.
The Morning Journal

Uparmored humvees

Powerline reports that the uproar over the lack of uparmored humvees may not be all it’s made out to be, at least in regards to the unit that the soldier who asked the infamous question of Secretary Rumsfeld was in.
Of the 800+ vehicles in the 278 ACR, only 20 weren’t “uparmored” and those 20 were scheduled to be upgraded (and were upgraded) within 24 hours of when the question was asked according to Major General Stephen Speakes.


Donald Rumsfeld’s been taking quite a beating recently. I have to say, I wouldn’t be at all opposed to his leaving. At this juncture though I don’t think his departure is really politically feasible.
Now don’t take this to be playing politics with defense. I don’t mean that his departure would reflect badly on President Bush or help the Democrats or anything like that. I do though think that his leaving right now could affect the next SecDef’s ability to do the job. The attacks are going to continue to escalate in Iraq and I think it’s advisable for Rumsfeld to stay on until early next year so that we can at least get over that hump. Then I’d fully support dumping Rumsfeld and bringing in a new guy to manage the operations in post-election Iraq.