So wrong it hurts

The Houston Chronicle/New York Times: Ohio is the Florida of 2004.
In what kind of whacked out, screwed up version of reality can Ohio be called the Florida of 2004 when Washington had the election it had?
Let’s see.
In Ohio the President won by 118,000+ votes only to have that total lowered to 118,000+ votes by one recount.
In Washington the Governor’s race initially has a margin of only a few hundred votes which, through numerous recountings, is eventually reversed to show the other candidate winning.
Tell me, which state do you think better fits the tagline “Florida of 2004”?

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  1. Ohio Voter says:

    How is this Good for America?

    I’m certainly not sanctioning a policy where we bury our head in the sand. Ohio’s election process is not perfect. No process involving millions of fallible human beings is going to be.
    But it certainly isn’t the mess the New York Times is present…

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