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Congratulations to the Dayton Daily News

They’ve managed to come to the “Let’s add an ‘X’ to the beginning of the word and be cool” game only 10 years late. It’s like the stereotypical uncool father trying to prove to his kid that he’s hip, he’s with it… tucka tucka tucka….
And while we’re at it, the third Letter to the Editor warrants a reiteration of Friday’s post on what I think of this type of overzealous, fanatical, dogmatic anti-smoking demagoguery.

Excuse me while I shamelessly paraphrase a bit from my favorite author…

“…Liberals have been expecting the imminent descent of Iraq into civil war for years.”
“But it keeps not descending.”
“So far, so good.”

I don’t think anybody could say it better

From an American soldier in Iraq:

It is now dusk in Baquba, a city that lies thirty-five miles Northeast of Baghdad, along the edge of the Sunni Triangle. The streets are quiet. Vehicular traffic has been banned today, a curfew is due to come into effect soon after dark. Mothers hurry home from the markets. Children scurry to keep up with them. Election posters cling to the walls and streetlights. The city is filled with expectations. The vast majority of the people realize what is at stake here. They are ready to cast their ballots tomorrow, to elect representatives who will govern them and craft a new constitution for their nation. They are eager to write a new chapter in the history of their country. Meanwhile, the enemies of freedom lurk in the dark alleyways of this city. Domestic and foreign terrorists lie in wait. They fear not only the outcome of the vote, but the very process itself. They want to halt the inexorable march of freedom. They may try to disrupt the voting. No matter what happens tomorrow, they are doomed to failure in the long run. The elections will take place, the citizens of Baquba will cast their ballots. The transformation of Iraq is about to commence. Still, this is not the end of the beginning; nor the beginning of the end; it is the beginning of the beginning. Sunday will mark the first step on the long road to political and moral recovery in Iraq


A study in Virginia has found that red light cameras don’t actually reduce the number of injury accidents but instead actually increase the number.

Despite a distinct sympathy in favor of camera enforcement, the researchers found a “definite” increase in rear-end accidents and only a “possible” decrease in angle accidents. Most importantly, the net effect was that more injuries happened after cameras are installed. Camera proponents explain this away by asserting angle accidents are more serious, but this claim has not been scientifically studied according to this report. The rear end collisions caused by the cameras still produce injuries — the original promise of camera proponents was that they would reduce accidents and injuries, not rearrange them.

Studies in Australia and North Carolina seem to back this up.

Oh… my… God… just stop it people!

You don’t need to call/write in to the Dayton Daily News and call them irresponsible EVERY BLEEPING TIME they show or refer to someone smoking!
I’m not a smoker, but this constant griping couldn’t be more annoying. People smoke. We don’t need screeches of “Won’t somebody think of the childen!?!” every time that that fact is acknowledged and followed by anything short of “second hand smoke kills 53,000 non-smokers a year”.
And let’s not even get started on the idiot who thinks the DDN shouldn’t do a story on pipe smoking because crack addicts use crack pipes.

Good news

Experts seem to have ruled out the prospect of an “unkillable zombie Bin Laden“. 🙂

P&G to buy Gillette for $57B

Procter & Gamble Co. said Friday it would buy Gillette Co., for about $57 billion in stock, uniting two iconic U.S. producers of household goods ranging from Pampers diapers to Duracell batteries.
The combined company would boast more than $60 billion in annual revenues, giving it increased leverage at stores ranging from discounters to grocers.
The maker of Tide is paying an 18 percent premium for Gillette, best known for its razors. P&G promised cost cuts of up to $16 billion, heralded lay-offs of 4 percent of the combined 140,000 workforce and set a stock buyback of up to $22 billion in the next 18 months.
CNN Money

While the 4% layoffs may be a little worrisome, I suppose it’s always good to see a regionally headquartered company expand. The article also goes in to how the merger could lead other consumer products companies like Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive to do some buying of their own.
More from the Enquirer and the Post.

Oh the horror!

The United Nations official charged with election assistance yesterday threw a barb at American troops in Iraq,accusing them of conducting an “overenthusiastic” campaign to promote this weekend

Rice confirmed as Secretary of State

Meanwhile Alberto Gonzales passes the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Well, that does it…

Sega is officially out of the sports game market, selling their sports game subsidiaries to Take 2 who signed a deal with MLB this week to be the exclusive 3rd party baseball game developer.
Earlier, of course, EA took the NFL and ESPN away from Sega.