Someone is finally talking reasonably in the debate between intelligent design and evolution.

Many letters to the editor propose teaching ID and evolution and letting the students decide which to believe. Yet ID and evolution are not rival scientific ideas but answers to two different questions. ID asks who created our world; science asks how life has progressed on our planet.
There is no conflict in believing that an intelligent designer created our world and that evolution is the way life has progressed. Most scientists and science teachers I’ve met believe both. There is no conflict between maintaining a philosophical answer to one question and a scientific answer to a different question.
Barry Riehle – Cincinnati Enquirer

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  1. Bryan says:

    I totally agree with you. My wife will argue with me. But it sounds exactly like God. Create it. Perfect it. Allow it to adapt as needed. I am not sure why these two theories havent been advanced together by sensible Christian (creationist) Scientist.

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