Post-Oscar thoughts

Well that pretty much sucked.
Why was there a cartoon character saying “Holy Sh*t Dude!” in the first 3 minutes?
Rock should have avoided the politics. His minute mocking President Bush immediately followed him saying he wouldn’t mock President Bush. His John Kerry-Oprah thing brought back memories of Oprah… Uma… Uma… Oprah. Note to future hosts… Oprah is Oscar comedy death!
Giving out the awards at the back of the theater? Bad idea.
Bad directing of the show. Glitch after glitch after glitch.
Too much Beyonce. One song, fine. Two songs, maybe. Three songs? There’s just no excuse for that.
Should Yo Yo Ma really be pulling attention away from the people who passed away? These people died but they have to make sure he gets recognition for performing something that could just as well have been done by the huge orchestra they already had on hand.
A glut of boring acceptance speeches. One laundry list of thank-yous after another. The closest they got to a good/memorable acceptance speech was Foxx and that simply pales in comparison to former winners.
Million Dollar Baby winning Best Picture was just a major disappointment. I didn’t think any of the other 4 nominees were a clear winner, but I thought MDB had MAJOR screenplay problems in the last third of the movie.

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  1. Not Todd says:

    Yeah, LOTS of technical glitches. FWIW, I thought Million Dollar Baby was the best picture of the year. I’d give Rock maybe a 6 out of 10 for hosting. And why was Robin Williams even there? He was doing old material, too.

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