Hal McCoy: Leaning towards not voting for Bonds & McGwire fore Hall of Fame

The AP has a story in which a little less than a third of Hall of Fame voters were polled and asked whether they’d vote Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire into the Hall. Of those who showed an inclination one way or the other McGwire only had 55.6% support while Bonds had 80.8% support.
Dayton Daily News Reds beat writer Hal McCoy’s thoughts:

“Right now I’m sort of sitting on the fence, but leaning toward not voting for McGwire or Bonds because they cheated,” said Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News, himself a member of the Hall’s writers’ wing.
“McGwire had the opportunity to say something, but didn’t. To me, that’s sort of like pleading the Fifth Amendment and not denying he did it,” he said.
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