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“Oh, my gosh, they

Strangely hilarious…

A concerned citizen spotted a male juvenile carrying a suspiciously concealed item into Marshall Junior High School early Thursday morning.
Police were called. The school was locked down. Adjacent streets were closed and law officers were perched on roofs with weapons.

The school was locked down

Well, whatta ya know?

It seems a “rare, life-size” X-Wing Fighter resides in Dayton and it can be yours for as little as $40,000.


A Slide for Soar Eyes

     “Oil Prices Slide More Than $2.50 a Barrel”–headline, Associated Press, April 27, 3:25 p.m. EDT
     “Bush Lays Out Energy Plan As Prices Soar”–headline, Associated Press, April 27, 5 p.m. EDT
Best of the Web Today

Downtown Dayton now has free wireless internet

One square mile of Downtown (including Courthouse Square and Fifth Third Field) now offers free wi-fi though the official kickoff isn’t until this weekend. If things work out they hope to be able to expand it into the rest of the city.
Personally it won’t do me much good but it’s still a good idea. Hard to argue against something that will make Downtown more attractive and costs the city nothing.

VH1 turns down Jaffre

Though he’s shopping the idea to other networks it looks like the Cincinnati mayoral race won’t be chronicled on reality TV.

The Pope who didn’t want to be

Speaking in his native German, Benedict told the audience that during the conclave, or papal election, when it became clear he was getting many votes, a cardinal passed him a note reminding him what he had preached about Christ calling Peter to follow him even if he was reluctant to go.
Benedict, 78, said he hoped to spend his last years living quietly and peacefully.
“At a certain point, I prayed to God ‘please don’t do this to me,”‘ he recalled. “Evidently, this time He didn’t listen to me.”

Silly Republicans trying to be more bipartisan…

“What [the Republicans are] trying to do is distract,” [Minority Leader Pelosi’s spokeswoman Jennifer Crider] said. “They’re choosing to pass legislation that is bipartisan.”
Washington Times

Sony & Toshiba in talks to merge Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

Sony and Toshiba are in talks aimed at adopting a common format for next generation video discs…
The talks… are expected to lead to a unified format for advanced DVDs capable of recording high-quality content, including high-definition movies and video games.
An accord would end years of heated competition between the two camps to win over content providers, particularly Hollywood studios, and gain supremacy.
Sony is supporting Blu-ray disc technology along with most consumer electronics makers including Samsung and Matsushita.
Toshiba is championing HD-DVD with the backing of NEC and Sanyo among others.
…until recently a compromise has seemed unlikely because both camps were in the advanced stages of development and high-end early models have already been introduced. “The physical format was fixed last year and it is technically very difficult to change this,” said one official in the Blu-ray camp.

The question now is which of the technologies will dominate in a unified format. HD-DVD offers lower manufacturing costs, since production techniques are similar to current DVDs. But analysts think Blu-ray will be the core of any compromise, because it offers more capacity and is seen as a technological leap forward.
Financial Times

If they do reach a compromise it should be interesting to see how they work things out technically. Actually merging the two technologies would hardly be a simple thing.

Some Thursday night reality TV thoughts

First off, fair warning of Survivor and Apprentice spoilers.
Now then… Survivor… boy did Janu ever throw a wrench in the works. If Stephenie can get the girls together then the guys are in real trouble. Getting the girls together is far from a sure thing though… Katie’s one of the original 4 and Jennifer’s mixed up with Gregg. The guys are going to need to play up the fact that the other girls don’t stand the slightest chance against Stephenie.
Now on to Apprentice… If I were Trump I honestly don’t know that I’d want to hire any of these people.
Kendra is… unpolished. She’s still green, but she definitely has had some good ideas. Tana’s grating. Craig’s a know-it-all jerk who’s been nothing but condescending to Kendra for the past two weeks while she’s been carrying the team. Sure Kendra’s not experienced but Craig would not listen to a single thought that came out of her mouth. He treated her like a child and I simply can’t imagine him ever being a good leader and getting the best out of his subordinates. Both Tana and Craig should be fired simply for how they acted in the Pontiac assignment. Alex I suppose is the most like Bill and Kelly, he seems like the type of person that Trump would pick but he really wasn’t impressive in last night’s effort.
I suppose if I had to pick two I’d go with Kendra and Alex. It would actually be interesting to see them as a team. Kendra could stand to get out from under the thumb of Craig and I think her creativity would complement Alex’s lack thereof.


I’ve got about 5 potential posts, but they can all pretty much be summed up as “the following people are displaying their idiocy” so I won’t bother…