An explanation of the lack of bloggage

As you may have noticed, this is my first post since Monday. There’s a reason for this. On Tuesday I had a job interview. They said they’d get together Wednesday afternoon and decide. Turns out they decided much faster and called the consulting company I’ve been working with 10 minutes after I left and asked if I could start the next day. So I spent the remainder of Tuesday filling out paperwork and showed up to work on Wednesday. For the time being I’ll be circumspect and just say it’s a large IT company in Dayton and I’m doing Web Development for them. Don’t have my own space yet, or my own computer, or working e-mail there and I’m of course working on trying to learn their specialized way of doing things so I’m feeling a little bit like the new guy in the past week’s run of Dilbert strips. All-in-all though I’m excited about the opportunity.

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