E-Check’s a goner

At least outside of Northeast Ohio. The budget Gov. Taft signs today will eliminate the E-Check program in southwest Ohio. Only 7 northeastern counties will continue the E-Check program and those tests will be paid for by the government, drivers will no longer have to cough up $19.50 to get their car tested.

The two-year state budget Gov. Bob Taft will sign today, in a ceremony at the Rack Processing Co. in Moraine, contains a provision that would prohibit any new contracts in the 81 counties not required to have E-Check, said state Sen. Steve Austria, R-Beavercreek.

Austria, a longtime E-Check critic who has been pushed the issue since 1998, said 14 counties should not have to carry the responsibility of improving air quality for the entire state, and that the E-Check program is too invasive.
“I have always felt that the E-Check program was ineffective and unfair to many Ohioans,” Austria said.

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