The Diet Coke of classic movie channels. Just one calorie, not classic enough.

The New York Supreme Court has ruled that AMC (which supposedly stands for “American Movie Classics”) isn’t classic enough.
It’s sad to see how far AMC has fallen. It used to be a good channel but now it’s filled with movies of dubious classicicity chopped all to hell with commercials.
Luckily Turner Classic Movies stepped up to take its place. (And isn’t that ironic given Ted Turner’s efforts to ruin classic movies?)

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  1. Michael Meckler says:

    Amen! I, too, find AMC unwatchable. I used to enjoy the channel, which had both superior movies and commentary (from Bob Dorian) to what was on TCM. Now, AMC interrupts the movies with advertising, and their original programming is drivel. I certainly would not have a problem if my cable provider decided to bump the network.

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