Ok, can anybody explain this to me?

I moved last Friday. Stove doesn’t work but other than that it’s going ok.
I ordered my phone line from SBC on Monday and it will be installed on Friday. So far so good. But I also want to order their DSL service. (It’s $14.95 a month if ordered online.) I try doing it online but because my new phone number won’t be live until Friday and the very first question they ask online is for your phone number I can’t order online until Friday.
Ok, since I CAN’T order it online I’ll try ordering it over the phone. I call them up.
“I ordered a phone line on Monday and it’s being installed Friday. I’d like to see if I can order DSL before then.”
“Ok, let’s see if it’s available, what’s your address?”
I give her my address.
“Ok, it is available there and we can go ahead and get that added. It’s normally $49.99 a month but you qualify for a $20 discount so it will be $29.99.”
“Online it’s $14.95 a month, can I get that?”
“That’s if you order online. You don’t have any qualifying long distance so I can’t give it to you here.”
“But I can’t order it online, it won’t take the phone number yet because it won’t be live till Friday.”
“Well, you’ll have to wait till Friday night, then if it still won’t take the number then give us a call and we can do it.”
This conversation has established two things.
1) They can take my DSL order before my phone number goes live. They’re more than happy to do that and charge me $29.99 a month.
2) The can give me the $14.95 a month price over the phone. If the web won’t take my number on Friday they’ll be happy to do that.
So they can do both of the things I want them to do for me, they CAN let me order my DSL before my phone number goes live and the CAN give me the $14.95 a month price over the phone… they just WON’T!
What kind of messed up, bureaucratic logic leads them to do stuff like this? It just makes no business sense!

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