The DDN: Not so good with the “hush-hush”

From the Dayton Daily News:

City officials held a closed-door meeting on Wednesday to discuss proposals to offer Cox Ohio Publishing to get the company to keep its Dayton Daily News editorial offices in the downtown core.
The hush-hush nature of the deal was damaged somewhat when a city delegation tripped an alarm in some of the Dayton Arcade buildings when they took a tour without telling the Arcade’s owner.

Gee, I wonder how a 300+ word article in the city’s only major newspaper will affect the hush-hush nature of the deal.
Though to their credit… the publisher of the Dayton Daily News would not comment to the Dayton Daily News for the story published by the Dayton Daily News about the secret negotiations between the Dayton Daily News and the city of Dayton to keep the Dayton Daily News downtown.
Can anyone follow the thread of logic in that last sentence? I can’t.

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