What the hell?

Did this stuff use to happen? What is up with all the deranged people trying to rip babies from mothers’ wombs?

A Pennsylvania nurse was charged yesterday with bashing a pregnant neighbor on the head with a baseball bat and then slashing her belly in a ghastly attempt to steal her unborn baby.
Authorities said Peggy Jo Conner, 38, hit Valerie Oskin, who was eight months pregnant, with the bat early Wednesday, drove her to a secluded woods northeast of Pittsburgh and used a razor knife to cut along an old Caesarean section scar. The horrifying ordeal went on for six hours before a 17-year-old boy on an all-terrain vehicle stumbled on the bloody scene and foiled the gruesome plot.
The baby was delivered by emergency C-section at Allegheny General Hospital, where Oskin, 30, remained in the trauma ward late yesterday. Authorities said the baby was in stable condition but would not release any further information.
New York Daily News

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  1. PJINPA says:

    Rumor has it that Peggy Jo Conner is going to get out on all but 1 (one) charge. Also, Thomas Wilks, her supposed live-in boyfriend, has been dating a girl who is now really pregnant herself. Tom and his girlfriend have been engaged now for 1 (one) week. There is more but………

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