The Arab port sale imbroglio

The level of ignorance and misinformation floating around in the anti-port-deal arguments simply amazes me. The government is not selling these ports to an Arab company. A British company already handles these ports and that British company is being sold to a company run by the UAE. The government is only involved because it has the right to approve or not approve the sale.
And the Arab company won’t be running security at these ports. The British company doesn’t handle that now and DP World won’t handle it after. Security is handled by the Coast Guard and Customs. This deal is mostly a matter of deciding who it is that hires the union longshoremen.
People argue that some 9/11 attackers were UAE citizens… gee, Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber”, was born in London. Does that mean that the commercial aspects of the ports currently being run by the British company is a security risk?
There are some valid arguments to be made in opposition to this deal, but they seem to be in the microscopic minority compared to the spurious arguments being made. Far too many of the arguments against this deal seem like nothing more than hysterical xenophobia.

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