An American Idol thought

I think this week showed just how messed up the voting really is. I don’t buy for one second that the American people were actually split 33-33-33. When 14 out of every 15 of my attempted votes result in a busy signal there’s no way the tallied votes reflect the actual votes people tried to cast. When all the lines are busy the person with less people trying to call really benefits since their voters just get through more often.
In reality I think the votes really reflect whose voters are willing to keep trying to vote a little longer than the other person’s and whose voters hang up the soonest after the machine picks up on the other end, allowing that line to handle more calls.

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  1. Jon says:

    I think the greater injustice is the fact that there was a three way tie. All the phone calls, the website, and the text messages. What are the chances that with all those factors, it would come out 33-33-33. I think this supports the fact that all reality shows have nothing to do with reality and its all up to the producer and what he says. Gotta love television.

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