So, Time Warner updated my DVR this week.

I applaud the fact that I can now actually search for a show by name, rather than having to scroll through every showing of every show with the same first letter as the show I’m looking for.
On the downside, I now have to tell it twice that I want to erase a show. The first time it gives me the options to erase the show, not erase the show, or watch it from the beginning. When you choose erase it now asks you whether you really want to erase it. They came so close to solving a problem with the old set up, but they wound up just adding a new layer of unnecessary complication. The problem with the old set up, and the problem that still remains, is that when you start watching a show before it has ended and press “Stop” when you’re done watching it then it will pop up a screen which doesn’t ask whether you want to erase that show, it will ask whether you want to stop recording the show that’s being recorded in real time on that tuner if you’re recording 2 shows. They needed to add a confirmation screen asking whether you really wanted to stop recording the current show (or even better, just have it set up to ask whether you want to erase the show that you started watching before it was done recording). Instead they added a confirmation screen you need to answer every time you want to delete a freakin’ show. That’s just unnecessarily complicates things.
Also, for some reason now when I tell it to not record a showing set up to record with their version of a “season pass” I now have to cancel it twice. The first time I cancel it will show it as not being recorded in the list of shows to be recorded, but if I want to actually remove it from that list I have to go through and cancel it again.
And for some insane reason they still continue to only carry the next 6 days of program guide data. If you watch a show on Tuesday and decide you want to record it when it’s on again next Tuesday, tough luck, you’ve only got data up to next Monday, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

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