McCain’s Speech

My admittedly biased take…
It wasn’t the most soaring of rhetoric, and with McCain it was never going to be. But to a certain extent I think I fell in love with the idea of John McCain somewhere between the beginning of the introductory video and the end of the speech. The idea of a man who has truly given his life to his country and a man who has put his country first. Senator McCain may have fallen in love with his country while in another person’s country, but I think I fell in love with John McCain when I fully realized the love he had for his country. There’s a real power to his character and a real contrast with Senator Obama. You can really see that contrast just in their bio videos. Obama’s was a video about… Obama. About his search for himself. John McCain’s was a litany of the ways in which he has devoted himself to his country. What he has done for his country.
I went in to the speech with a McCain pin alongside a McCain button on my shirt, but I don’t think I truly appreciated John McCain’s story.
Some are going to say he doesn’t stand a chance, but they’ve been saying something similar for 8 years straight. There is a path to victory for John McCain here if they play their cards right and for the past month they’ve shown that they can in fact play their cards right.
It’s on.

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