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Words cannot adequately express how I feel.

The Enquirer reports that Bob Huggins is being given 24 hours to accept a $3 million buyout of his contract or he will be fired.
This is stupid. This is preposterous. This is idiotic. This is outrageous.
This is the quickest possible way for Nancy Zimpher to take a great program and run it completely and totally into the ground. YOU DO NOT GET YOURSELF INTO A NEW, MORE COMPETITIVE CONFERENCE AND IMMEDIATELY DUMP THE PERSON WHO GOT YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nancy Zimpher has done more damage to my alma mater’s prestige in two years than Bob Huggins ever has.

Schmidt beats Hackett in the 2nd CD

Yes, let’s all pretend that this is a good sign for the Democrats, that it shows they have a shot in Southwest Ohio and are strong nationally. Let’s pretend this is a portent of the Republican party’s downfall. Never mind that this was the perfect storm for them and they still failed. They had a Republican opponent with very little name recognition, an unenergized Republican base, strong support from the national party thanks to it being the only race in the country and a Democratic candidate doing his very best to hide his Democratic tendencies and present himself as a Republican… and they still failed.
(None of this is meant to take away from Hackett… he was the best candidate the Dems could put up there and he ran the best campaign he could. He just couldn’t win.)
Yeah, yeah, the Democrats’ defeat is all because of the racists and the bigots and the homophobes and the misogynists… blah, blah, blah… Is it any wonder the Dems keep losing when so many of them can’t cotton to the idea that reasonable people can oppose them and not be stupid, racist, red-necked bigots?

Miley and Gullett out

Dave Miley and Don Gullett have been fired.
Let’s take ’em one at a time…
Miley: He wasn’t the reason the Reds were losing. He was however one of the reasons they couldn’t turn it around. He just seemed to no longer have any authority in the clubhouse.
Gullett: Now Gullett I think was one of the reasons the Reds were losing. He’s skated by on his reputation as a guy who can turn around the career of a has-been pitcher for quite some time but really what has he done in the last few years? He hasn’t turned around a has-been in quite some time and he doesn’t seem to have done anything for the young pitchers we’ve had the last few years… not to mention Milton. There have been too many problems with the pitching staff for too long for Gullett not to go.
Now, looking to the future…
It’d be hard to have a firesale. Anybody making enough to dump for salary reasons isn’t good enough to trade (I’m looking squarely at you Milton).
I don’t see any trades coming immediately. This is a vastly underperforming team, on paper they should play a lot better than they have. I think the front office would like to see how they do under new management for a while and then really come to a decision around the trade deadline.
If things are still this bad at the deadline then Randa’s the most obvious choice to trade and they’d bring up Encarnacion.
Beyond that… if they trade a pitcher it’ll be Mercker.
And at some point the outfield situation still needs to get worked out. If an outfielder goes I suppose the most likely is Kearns, but the rumor-du-jour is that Casey will go, allowing Dunn to move to first. So who knows?…

So long Cinergy

Looks like Cinergy is being sold to Duke Energy in a $9 billion deal. Yet another company at which I’ve worked gets swallowed and it looks like IT and the Energy Merchant unit which I was a part of will take some of the heaviest hits.
Can we agree to call Riverfront Stadium by its pre-naming rights name again?

What the bleeping bleep?!

This is un-bleeping-acceptable! When you have a 6 run lead going in to the 9th inning you don’t give up 7 bleeping runs!

VH1 turns down Jaffre

Though he’s shopping the idea to other networks it looks like the Cincinnati mayoral race won’t be chronicled on reality TV.

Whoops, CIncinnati lab sends out killer flu

The World Health Organisation is urging thousands of laboratories around the world to destroy samples inadvertently sent to them of the Asian flu virus that killed up to four million people in 1957-58.
Scientists feared an accident could trigger a new global outbreak.
The virus, known as H2N2, killed about four million people worldwide during the Asian influenza pandemic of 1957-58 before disappearing in 1968.
“Therefore, persons born after 1968 are expected to have no or only limited immunity to H2N2,” which is not contained in current trivalent influenza vaccines, the WHO warned Tuesday in a statement.
The US government on April 8 asked the College of American Pathologists (CAP) to instruct 3,747 laboratories in 18 countries that received samples containing the H2N2 virus to destroy them, the WHO said.

The H2N2 samples were shipped to the laboratories — most of which are in the United States with only 75 located in Canada and 16 other countries — by Meridian Bioscience Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio as part of “routine quality-control certification conducted” by the College of American Pathologists.
Stohr called the private company’s decision “unwise and unfortunate,” while Robert Webster, a flu expert at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, called the incident “a terrible, terrible mistake.”
Yahoo! News


Come on, how can you not like this Reds team?

Extended thoughts on Opening Day

My brother drove in from West Virginia last night to go to the game. This was our fourth straight Opening Day. (Methods of obtaining tickets: 02 – waiting in line failed, got off of ebay 03 – online 04 & 05 – waiting in line) He had to go straight back afterwards so we each drove. We got Downtown at about 10:45 and had no problem parking. $10 a couple blocks from GABP. We got lunch at Empress Chili’s new downtown location and, not really caring about the parade headed down to the ballpark.
We had great seats, somewhere between Center and Right Center, front row below the smoke stacks. We watched the Mets take BP for about 40 minutes and then went to check out the new Hall of Fame. ($5 admission if you’ve got a ticket.) It’s really pretty cool.
We got back to our section just as the National Anthem started and the B2 flew over. Things started badly with Matsui homering but Dunn answered in the bottom half of the 1st with a 3-run shot that with a few more feet would have cleared the Sun Deck. (I’m visible in this picture.) Mets came back to tie things up and things were quiet for a while. Pedro struck out quite a few Reds, but the score remained 3-3. Then Weathers and Mercker came in to promptly give up 3 runs in the 7th. (Piazza doubled off the wall pretty much right in front of me. If I’d wanted to get thrown out I probably could have touched it.) The Reds came back with one run in the bottom of the 7th and Wagner and Graves came in to shut the Mets’ bats down for two innings.
And now we come to the ninth. This folks is why you NEVER leave a ball game early. Brandon Looper comes in to save the game for the Mets with a 2 run lead. Kearns singles. Dunn launches yet another into the Right-Center stands. Tie ball game. And then Randa comes up.
High drive to Left Center field!

Go home, you’re done.
Hit the showers, but thanks for the runs.
You bum, you got rocked, so just beat it.
You got the hook so go home.
Hey pitcher, so I guess that was your fastball, I don’t think you could get it past my grandma.
I’m confused, was that your changeup or your slider.
Doesn’t matter because you couldn’t get it by her.
Ball 1, outside.
Ball 2, up high.
You threw a strike and he yanked it out of the yard.
Yeah, now you gotta go home, you’re done.
Hit the showers, but thanks for the runs.
You bum, you got rocked so just beat it.
You got the hook go home.
Blessid Union of Souls – Go Home

It’s odd, earlier in the game a hit had skittered between Randa and Aurillia and the people near me were ready to give up on him. He hits the first walk-off homer in Reds Opening Day history and suddenly he’s a king. 🙂
It took a while to get out of town. Ended up taking Central Parkway north, zigged around the ole’ Alma Mater and got on 71 at McMillan.
The one downside of the whole thing is that when I got home I found that my Tivo had recorded the game on ESPN instead of FSN so I ended up with the Pirates-Brewers game. Really would have liked to have the game to watch again. 🙁
All in all though it was an absolutely fantastic experience. It was soooooo worth the hous spent in line waiting for tickets. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. If you haven’t been to Opening Day in Cincinnati you haven’t really been to an Opening Day.
On WLW after the game someone noted that Baseball is sometimes thought of as an older person’s game, a game that teens and 20-somethings have just lost touch with and observed that the turnout at today’s game just didn’t show that. And I have to agree. In my entire row I don’t know that there was one person over the age of 30.
This should be an exciting year of Reds baseball. Can’t help but get a ’99 vibe off this team and the excitement surrounding them.

The names have changed but the game’s the same… so grab your glove and let’s play ball!
Everybody’s coming downtown to watch them play… America’s past time
Everybody’s coming downtown just to say… hey, hey!
Everybody’s coming downtown to watch them play… America’s past time
At Great American Ball Park
There’s a whole new game in town, everyone’s invited down.
Because where one generation ends there’s a new one about to begin.
Blessid Union of Souls – Play Ball

And now a few pics.

View from our seats/Mets BP

B2 Flyover

First Pitch

The Outfield Trio

The traffic on the way home

“The names have changed but the game’s the same… so grab your glove and let’s play ball!”

Everybody’s coming downtown to watch them play… America’s past time
Everybody’s coming downtown just to say… hey, hey!
Everybody’s coming downtown to watch them play… America’s past time
At Great American Ball Park

No city does Opening Day like Cincinnati.