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Seriously people?!

A week and a half ago 300,000 people were without power here. Traffic lights weren’t working for days.
Today the power goes out again in large parts of Kettering, Centerville, and Beavercreek and people STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN A TRAFFIC LIGHT ISN’T WORKING?!?! Seriously?! A week and a half ago NO traffic lights were working. How have people not figured it out yet?!

Z-93Fly 92.9

I’d like to thank Z-93/Fly 92.9 for simplifying my radio listening. Now when neither 103.9 or 94.9 have anything good on I no longer have to switch over to 92.9 to see if they have anything good. Now I can just know that it won’t be good and instead just go straight to my cd player. It’s also freed up a preset on my radio for RadioU.

The Greene

I have to say, I’m quite impressed by The Greene.
Let me just get my negative thoughts out of the way first… 1)The actual shopping choices are overall too fashiony for my taste. 2)The garages kind of confuse me. The Beech Garage you can enter and go up one level and that’s it. The Stroop garage on the other hand… you enter and… that’s the only level, there is no up and down.
That’s really all I’ve got negative-wise. I had something about the Theater having this big parking lot behind it but no entrance facing that parking lot but I’ve decided to let that go in the interest of letting them draw people in to the overall “Greene” rather than letting people just go to the theater and come straight back out into the parking lot.
All in all it’s quite polished for something that’s really only less than halfway done.
And this really was a new experience for me. I’ve never been to Easton Town Center, I’m really only familiar with the “traditional malls” and Newport on the Levee and I was really expecting it to be not too far off from Newport, but it’s not even close. (Though I do think it could use a Gameworks.) Newport has a lot of the same kind of stores but The Greene being in the open air just adds a ton. You leave a store at The Greene and, unlike with malls or Newport, you’re not heading to another store, you’re strolling. You’re not confined in this one building, you’re on city streets and… in a park. I was also surprised by how it managed to draw me in. Strolling through the main plaza you can really forget where you are, you forget that 1,000 feet to your left is that same K-Mart that’s been there for 20+ years and that behind you another 1,000 feet is that MotoPhoto that used to sit on the corner across from the wooded lot. You can really lose yourself there.
And it really is a destination, not just a place to shop. It’s really ridiculously easy to just make a night out of it. Dinner… movie… ice cream afterwards… you’re all set.
And the Cinema de lux 14 is pretty spiffy too. It’s got its own bar/grill (which when I came in seemed maybe a little undersized, the tables seemed to be filled on the first night though I suppose it might lighten up once Bar Louie opens across the street). Saw Talladega Nights in one of the Director’s Halls and the experience was very nice. A little lounge outside, reserved seating so I didn’t have to worry about staking out Row G, Seat 6 30 minutes in advance, food brought right to your seat, leather seats, the believable threat that they’d kick you out for talking or using your cell phone… Very nice.
Geesh, I really shouldn’t have this many thoughts about a place after one visit…

What would the idiots do without the Speak Up column?

Today’s entry:

Supreme Court justices should be elected; not handpicked by a president who then can call in this favor to help with his party’s agenda.
Dayton Daily News: Speak Up

It’s just one of the worst ideas ever and shows a complete lack of understanding of how our system of government works.

The DDN: Not so good with the “hush-hush”

From the Dayton Daily News:

City officials held a closed-door meeting on Wednesday to discuss proposals to offer Cox Ohio Publishing to get the company to keep its Dayton Daily News editorial offices in the downtown core.
The hush-hush nature of the deal was damaged somewhat when a city delegation tripped an alarm in some of the Dayton Arcade buildings when they took a tour without telling the Arcade’s owner.

Gee, I wonder how a 300+ word article in the city’s only major newspaper will affect the hush-hush nature of the deal.
Though to their credit… the publisher of the Dayton Daily News would not comment to the Dayton Daily News for the story published by the Dayton Daily News about the secret negotiations between the Dayton Daily News and the city of Dayton to keep the Dayton Daily News downtown.
Can anyone follow the thread of logic in that last sentence? I can’t.

Ahhhh, the DDN’s Speak Up column: Bringing us the thoughts of idiots for many years

Today’s entry:

Maybe if George W. Bush had signed the Kyoto Accord to stop global warming, Hurricane Katrina wouldn’t have happened.
Dayton Daily News: Speak Up

There’s really no need to say any more.

And while I’m talking about sad things…

This from the DDN’s roundup of this week’s HS Football matchups:

Both Carroll and Beavercreek are coming off great seasons, albeit by different standards. The Patriots advanced to the D-II state semifinals before losing to eventual state champion Columbus Brookhaven…. Beavercreek is coming off its best season in recent memory. The Beavers went 3-7 and lost a pair of one-point games. Creek was 2-28 the previous three years.
Dayton Daily News


It’s about time to get this out of my system.

The Dayton Daily News wants you to register with them if you’re going to read their stories. That’s a bit of a pain, but completely understandable. It’s how they go about it that’s simply infuriating. The system they have is completely bass-ackwards.
When you click on a story link and you’re not logged in you’re redirected to a screen with a registration form and a link off to the side directing you to another page if you’ve been there before and already registered. This SHOULD NOT BE! The users should be redirected to the login screen and presented with a link to the registration screen they need to use if they have an account.
The majority of users who go to view a story there are likely to have been there before and to already have an account. Forcing the majority of your users, and especially the dedicated ones that come back again and again, to waste their time and effort to click a link and load another page every time they log in is just unacceptable. It’s bad practice. What’s worse, they just redid the registration page and it’s still the same damn thing.
I tried pointing this out to them a while back in an e-mail and they were quite obtuse about it. It boiled down to “Thank you for contacting us. We have a link to the login page on the registration form.”
I visit their site daily and every damn day I have to see that registration page and click the link to log in. It’s a waste of my time and the time of every person who visits their site more than once.

Dave Chappelle resurfaces

It seems Dave Chappelle is back home in Yellow Springs.

Well, whatta ya know?

It seems a “rare, life-size” X-Wing Fighter resides in Dayton and it can be yours for as little as $40,000.