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Downtown Dayton now has free wireless internet

One square mile of Downtown (including Courthouse Square and Fifth Third Field) now offers free wi-fi though the official kickoff isn’t until this weekend. If things work out they hope to be able to expand it into the rest of the city.
Personally it won’t do me much good but it’s still a good idea. Hard to argue against something that will make Downtown more attractive and costs the city nothing.

Boy, it seems nothing’s ever easy for Dayton “pro” sports teams…

The Dayton Warbirds are switching leagues (from the United Indoor Football Association to the National Indoor Football League) a week after they were supposed to have played their first game.

The Dayton Warbirds switched leagues Thursday, going from the United Indoor Football Association to the National Indoor Football League. The team still plans to make its debut April 2 against an opponent yet to be named.
Shortly after noon, the Nebraska-based UIFA issued a press release announcing the Warbirds’ season had been suspended Wednesday in a vote of the league’s directors. No reason was given. Dayton’s first home game had been postponed March 17 because of safety concerns in the Ervin J. Nutter Center.

Ohio EPA reccomends ending E-Check in Dayton and CIncinnati

If the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has its way, Miami Valley drivers won’t have to undergo E-Check after this year.
Ohio EPA Director Joe Koncelik said Tuesday the agency is recommending that the Ohio legislature drop E-Check in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas when the contract with Envirotest expires at the end of this year.

The test will continue in Northeast Ohio. The Cleveland-Akron area has some of the highest ozone levels in the country, and the state is under a federal mandate to keep vehicle emissions testing in that area, the state EPA said.
The agency will recommend that the test be modified there, however, so cars that are four years or younger will be exempt from the test. The current rule exempts cars two years or younger.
Dayton Daily News

That’s good news for Dayton and Cincinnati residents but I still have to think that there’s a better way to do things in the Cleveland-Akron area.

It’s nice that the DDN has the Speak Up column…

It makes it so much easier to find morons.

President George W. Bush and his supporters are supposed to be Christian. Yet, the reason I most often hear for supporting Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security is this: People want to keep “their own” money. C’mon, folks. Have you forgotten the parable of the loaves and the fishes? When we share, there’s plenty for everyone. When we hoard, there is never enough.
Dayton Daily News

First off, the “parable” of the loaves and fishes wasn’t a parable. It was a miracle. It’s called a miracle because those things don’t happen in the normal course of events; they require God’s intervention.
Secondly I’d suggest that the caller/writer refer to the “parable” of the Soviet Communism. It goes something like this: “When people are forced to share it would take a miracle for anybody to have enough.”

Congratulations to the Dayton Daily News

They’ve managed to come to the “Let’s add an ‘X’ to the beginning of the word and be cool” game only 10 years late. It’s like the stereotypical uncool father trying to prove to his kid that he’s hip, he’s with it… tucka tucka tucka….
And while we’re at it, the third Letter to the Editor warrants a reiteration of Friday’s post on what I think of this type of overzealous, fanatical, dogmatic anti-smoking demagoguery.

Oh… my… God… just stop it people!

You don’t need to call/write in to the Dayton Daily News and call them irresponsible EVERY BLEEPING TIME they show or refer to someone smoking!
I’m not a smoker, but this constant griping couldn’t be more annoying. People smoke. We don’t need screeches of “Won’t somebody think of the childen!?!” every time that that fact is acknowledged and followed by anything short of “second hand smoke kills 53,000 non-smokers a year”.
And let’s not even get started on the idiot who thinks the DDN shouldn’t do a story on pipe smoking because crack addicts use crack pipes.

Worst… snow storm… EVER!

What the bleep happened to the snow storm?! This is the sorriest excuse for a snow storm I’ve ever seen. I’d barely even classify it as a dusting. (Though I suppose it’d probably still be enough to throw Raleigh, NC into chaos.)

Well it’s not exactly the same old Mead, but welcome back to Dayton anyway

The city gained a new $2 billion corporate citizen

Dayton Public Schools to open single-gender schools

Dayton Public Schools will open an all-girls school next fall and an all-boys school in 2006, joining only a few public districts in the state to offer single-gender programs.

Ohio Department of Education spokesman J.C. Benton said there are “very few” public districts in the state now offering them. Toledo opened the first all-girls public school last year. There are four all-boys public schools in Ohio.
“In many respects this is a test for us,” Dayton school board president Gail Littlejohn said.

Students in single-gender schools perform better, have better attendance, lower dropout rates and assume greater leadership roles, district officials said. Research also shows that male and female students “learn in different ways.”
Dayton Daily News

At the very least it’s an interesting idea. I’d rather they experimented with stuff like this than simply sticking with a failing system for the sake of inertia.

Snowblogging 2

The snow switched to sleet late, keeping the height down but greatly increasing the weight. 13″ total. This storm dropped more snow on the Dayton area than any other storm on record. A level 2 snow emergency here at home, and a level 3 where I was supposed to be working today kept me at home today.