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A note to Pat Robertson

Please, just shut the bleep up. You’re not helping at all.

Patti Davis on Pat Robertson’s religion…

When I lived in New York City, I used to give money to a homeless man who stood on the same corner of Columbus Avenue every day, rain or shine. He was never pushy, he was always polite, and I just felt like giving him money. One day, I saw a man in a business suit getting right in this man

Oh, come on…

What do you think you’re doing Pat Robertson?

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson suggested on-air that American operatives assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to stop his country from becoming “a launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism.”
“We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability,” Robertson said Monday on the Christian Broadcast Network’s The 700 Club.
USA Today

The Pope who didn’t want to be

Speaking in his native German, Benedict told the audience that during the conclave, or papal election, when it became clear he was getting many votes, a cardinal passed him a note reminding him what he had preached about Christ calling Peter to follow him even if he was reluctant to go.
Benedict, 78, said he hoped to spend his last years living quietly and peacefully.
“At a certain point, I prayed to God ‘please don’t do this to me,”‘ he recalled. “Evidently, this time He didn’t listen to me.”

White smoke

There is a new pope.
–Update– 12:43
It’s Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.
–Update– 12:44
He’s taken the name Benedict XVI.

Speaking of picking a church’s highest official…

Not that anybody cares but… my denomination [The Christian Church(Disciples of Christ)] yesterday determined a nominee for the office of general minister and president.

Addressing the General Board on Sunday morning, [nominee Sharon Watkins], a lifelong Disciple, began by talking about her formative years and her love for the church.
“We are a church whose time has come,” Watkins said, “because in this day and age, authenticity speaks louder than authority in matters of faith.”
“People would rather hear an authentic witness from a modern day doubting Thomas than have some ecclesial authority lay down the law,” she said.
In her speech, she lifted up the denomination

Conclave begins

I’m betting the tone of the Conclave will be a little different than the lock-ins the church youth groups hold.
As I’ve said, I’m not Catholic but I do have a certain respect for the Papacy. As a protestant I suppose you could liken my feelings towards the Papacy to those of an American towards the English crown. You want to make sure that (in the words of Homer Simpson) “the King of England [can’t] just walk in here any time he wants and start shoving you around” but you can recognize their power, influence and majesty.
May God guide the Cardinals in their selection of a new Pope.

Gen Y and religion

Reboot, a Jewish youth organization just released the findings of a poll of Generation Y (Gen Y includes those born between 1980 and 2000 but the poll only polled those age 18-25) which focused on their feelings about faith and religion.

“The religious establishment is failing to connect with Generation Y, the most diverse and individualist group in American history,” Bennett said. “iTunes, Tivo, and MoveOn have shown this generation that it is possible to bypass the ‘middleman’ and take control of their own experiences, whether it’s a song list or politics. Religious institutions have to recognize this reality if they want to be more meaningful to them,” he said.
According to the survey, many 18-to-25 year olds express their faith in informal ways that are either communal or individualistic, such as praying before meals (55%), talking with friends (38%), or reading religious magazines, books, and newspapers (33%).
While they enjoy “a genuine attachment to religious life,” younger people are “more disconnected from traditional denominations than their older counterparts … [and] favor more informal ways to practice their faith as opposed to attending services, classes, or formal activity,” the report says.
The survey, however, reveals that young people who identify as highly religious (27%) tend to be more self-aware and significantly more connected to family and community.
“One of the most remarkable findings of the study is that on every measure, highly religious youth better understand themselves and their place in the community more than less religious youth,” said the report’s author, Anna Greenberg, vice president of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.
“The results send a clear message: Demand for meaning and community is there, but few in Gen Y are finding it in churches, mosques, or synagogues,” Bennett said. “The question now is whether established institutions will adapt or innovate to meet this generation’s particular spiritual needs.”
–Reboot press release via Yahoo!

The poll itself can be downloaded here.

Pope John Paul II is dead

I’m not Catholic, but I am one of those people who have known only one Pope. He was Pope longer than I’ve been alive, he’s been something of a fixture on the world stage. He’s done a lot of good works in his time and it’s sad to see a man of such faith pass.

The Pope’s condition continues to worsen

“The general conditions and cardio-respiratory conditions of the Holy Father have further worsened. A gradual worsening arterial hypotension has been noted, and breathing has become shallow,” the Vatican press office said.
“The clinical picture indicates cardio-circulatory and renal insufficiency. The biological parameters are notably compromised. The Holy Father, with visible participation, is joining the continual prayers of those assisting him.”
Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said earlier that the pope was in “very serious condition” Friday afternoon, but he is “lucid, fully conscious” and “very serene.”
Navarro-Valls also said earlier that the pope’s blood pressure was “unstable” and that he “… asked for the Holy Scriptures to be read to him.”