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A shift in tactics in the Spam War

CNN has an interesting article on how ISPs are shifting from just filtering inbound e-mail for spam to trying to stop it at its source.

Cancer and cell phones

A new study finds no correlation between the two.

Best Buy to eliminate mail-in rebates

Thank God, it’s about time. Say what you will about Best Buy but they do get a good many things right.

Retailers’ love affair with mail-in rebates may be coming to an end.
In response to customer complaints, Best Buy Co. Inc., the world’s largest electronics retailer, promised Friday to eliminate mail-in rebates within two years. Best Buy’s rivals, including Circuit City Stores and CompUSA, are expected to follow suit.
“Our customers are telling us they just hate the process,” said Ron Boire, executive vice president and general merchandise manager at Best Buy.
It remains to be seen, however, whether the decision will translate into better deals for consumers. By eliminating the promotion, consumers may end up paying more for certain products than if they received the rebates, Baker said.
“If you don’t do a rebate, that gives the retailer and the manufacturer money to spend in other ways,” Baker said. “It doesn’t necessarily mean more money back to you.”
Yet most analysts said they expect Best Buy to drop its prices to compensate consumers, and that will force other consumer-electronics retailers to eliminate their mail-in programs.
“I can guarantee you that there are five executives in a room at Circuit City trying to figure out what to do next and when to do it,” said McGranahan of Sanford Bernstein. “If they’re smart like Best Buy, they will realize that there are probably other promotions that would be a lot more effective and less frustrating.”
Star Tribune

Speaking of blogging trouble…

…I’ve got no problem with light-to-no posting when a blog author just doesn’t have anything to talk about, but when you write a tech blog as part of your job and the launch of the PSP goes totally unnoticed because you haven’t posted in 18 days then there’s a problem.

Blogging from my cell

This post is originating from my new cell phone. Gotta say I’m really enjoying it so far.

Times they are a-changin’…

Now there are cell phones designed specifically for 8-12 year olds.

Goodbye Cincinnati Bell Wireless, hello T-Mobile

On Friday I started the switch from Cincinnati Bell Wireless to T-Mobile. I can’t complain about CBW’s service or coverage but I was tired of having to pay full price whenever I wanted to upgrade my phone and how, because they’re not a national provider, the only place I could get ringtones and the like was right from CBW. Plus the plan I had (their cheapest) was much more than I needed. Last month was an unusually heavy month for me cell-minute-usage-wise and still the total of all my minutes was less than a quarter of my available peak minutes. T-Mobile had a plan that fit my needs much better so that once I’ve added on several features that I didn’t have with CBW (like internet access on my phone) I’ll still be paying less per month.
Plus I couldn’t pass up their deal on what I consider to be a pretty cool little camera phone. In the store the Samsung e315 is $199.99, online it’s free. At CBW they’ve only got one phone under $99.99 and a mere 2 flip phones.
I’m probably giving up some coverage area in switching away from CBW but the other advantages were just irresistible. The phone’s supposed to arrive by FedEx Wednesday and the number port’s scheduled for Thursday.

Well, that does it…

Sega is officially out of the sports game market, selling their sports game subsidiaries to Take 2 who signed a deal with MLB this week to be the exclusive 3rd party baseball game developer.
Earlier, of course, EA took the NFL and ESPN away from Sega.

Well, that’s it. TechTV is officially dead

The name of G$TechTV is being changed to G$ – video game television with an increased focus on gaming.
You know, it’s hard not to have seen it coming but this still hurts. To think of all the good shows on TechTV and all the pure crap on G4 and to think that the only decent show to survive was X-Play… *sigh*

Mars Spirit rover reaches first birthday

Its mission was only supposed to last for 90 days but today it is heading into its second year studying the surface of Mars.