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Local Survivor voted off

Kim Mullen of Huber Heights was voted out on Survivor last night. She’s a Wright State grad student and played the game horribly. It just didn’t seem to occur to her that sitting on her ass all day while everybody else around her worked was going to lead to an early exit. That may be excusable at first, but when you know damn well that you’re the most likely person to be voted off next and you don’t even make an effort… simply inexcusable.

I could not agree with this article more

Go read it.

…I’ve finally figured out Fox’s cunning plan: obviously they want people to stop watching television altogether. It’s a radical method of beating the other networks once and for all, in a we’ll-all-go-down-together sort of way, but it’s the only possible answer.
Why else would they keep moving shows around faster than the eye can see? “Family Guy,” “Wanda at Large,” “The O.C.” and “Tru Calling” are recent ping-pongees but nothing matches “Greg the Bunny,” which debuted on a Wednesday, moved to Sunday, then back to Wednesday for a while, then to Friday, then finally back to Sunday. It was cancelled after exhausted viewers collapsed, TV Guides still in hand.

They kicked “Futurama” around and it won Emmys. They cancelled “Family Guy,” twice, and it outsold both “Friends” and “Sex in the City” in 2003. “Wonderfalls” was cancelled after only four episodes but the DVD set, which came out yesterday, was the fourth highest selling DVD on yesterday afternoon.

It all makes sense now. Silly me thinking they actually wanted us to watch their shows.

Want to talk to a cast or crew member of 24?

On Monday’s episode of 24, a woman who was killed received a phone call from her mother. A close-up shot showed the prop phone, which also happened to reveal the real number to the Nextel handset. In short order, the phone began receiving calls from fans worldwide

More from the realm of interesting ideas

Fox’s My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss bombed. Normally that would mean it would be pulled from the air and they would either burn off the episodes over the summer or just leave it to rot on the shelves. But with MBFOB Fox is choosing another option. They’re still pulling it from the air and don’t plan to run the remaining episodes, but instead of just letting it sit they’re going to show the episodes over the web at the show’s website. And they’re doing something similar with their failed reality show Playing It Straight only it will be pay per view, $1.99 per episode or $9.99 for the entire season.
It’s good to see a network playing around, trying to figure out just what they can do with the web. There’s so much more the web can do for Television than simply offering show descriptions, character bios and show recaps.

A scattershot of TV thoughts

Watched the first ep of Committed that I recorded yesterday and really liked it. That now makes 3 1/2 hours of TV to record between the hours of 9 and 10 on Tuesday. Amazing Race, Veronica Mars, House and now Committed. Would it kill the TV execs to move just a couple of those to one of the dozens of hours throughout the week when there’s nothing at all on? I’m using 3 DVRs to handle it.
Craig Ferguson was decent. It certainly had its rough spots but it’s almost certainly better than Conan did in his first week. He’s got potential.
And now on to weather alerts…
Tonight was insane. First off, we’ve got the scrolling school closings along the bottom of the screen. There’s a fifth of the screen gone right there with everybody on screen squished down to midget size.
And then we have the horrible watch/warning graphics…
I don’t say horrible because I don’t want them there at all but because they’re just badly executed. There are warnings for Winter Storms, Floods, and Flash Floods and watches for Floods and Winter Weather. That’s 5 different categories. You really don’t need all 5 of those up on screen at once. The words take up huge amounts of the screen, especially with the school closings scrolling. Craig Ferguson has “Flood Watch” stamped in yellow on his forehead. Just put “Winter Storm Warning” up there with its color, and then switch that to “Flood Warning” with its color and so on…
And please people, remember that if you actually want people to be able to read your map YOU MUST ASSIGN DIFFERENT COLORS TO DIFFERENT ITEMS! The Flood Warning and Winter Storm Warning can


Dan Huard and Whil Wheaton each have posts explaining how they ended up leaving G4TechTV and detailing some routine examples of dishonest/unethical activity including questions on The Screen Savers being prewritten and given to G4TechTV staff, friends and family to be read as questions from regular viewers and challenging teams on Arena being made up of G4TechTV employees and being passed off as regular players.

Ken Jennings back

Jeopardy’s announced a super tournament that will feature almost 150 5-time winners battling for the right to take on Ken Jennings in the finals.

Goodbye Ken Jennings

Jeopardy won’t be the same without you.

Keith Olbermann: The thinking man’s idiot and idiot’s thinking man

Robert Cox of The National Debate lays out what Olbermann’s been up to lately. Geez, can a story get on the show nowadays without a questionable or phony source? (Hat tip Hobbs)

Gotta say this

Last nights second Ashlee Simpson “performance” on SNL is the type of thing that’s one of the only reasons left to watch SNL. They seem to focus now on pulling stuff from the headlines and doing impersonations more than they focus on being funny, leaving you pretty much with just the hope that live TV will give you a royal screwup like last night’s performance.